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Good News: Straßenkinder e.V. (Street Kids) received award

In June, 2012, the Berlin social ministry Straßenkinder e.V. (Street Kids) received the HanseMerkur Preis für Kinderschutz 2011 (award for child protection). The award was presented to the chairman and director, Eckhard Baumann, and his team for their superior work in caring for and providing psychological support and education for Berlin street kids. The Association has been taking care of street kids, providing them with food, and supporting them if they want to leave the streets. In addition, the Association runs the House for Children and Youth Bolle in Marzahn, which is due to be enlarged because of the high demand. The ministry is being done by passionate Christians. In an interview, Eckhard Baumann named Christian love as the motive for the work.


  • Thank God for the work of the Association
  • Pray for the many street kids in Berlin who need support
  • Pray that the renovation of Haus Bolle will succeed

Slave and Sex Trade

In July, the police made a successful raid against an international ring of illegal immigrant smuggling. Five assumed members of the gang, who are accused of commercial human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, were arrested. The female victims of human trafficking were forced to „work off“ up to 70,000 Euros for payment for entry into the country.

The manhunt was a success, but only a drop in the bucket. Those who know the scene estimate that several thousand men and women work in the sex trade, and that approximately 70% of them are not working voluntarily, but rather are victims of human traffickers who put them under pressure and exploit them. Human trafficking and sexual exploitation are as profitable as the drug trade. The victims often do not go to the police because they are afraid of their pimps and are afraid that they will be expelled from the country. Organizations which want to help those women desiring to get out of the scene often find their hands tied.


  • Thank God for the arrest of the alleged human traffickers
  • Pray that people’s eyes will be opened to the problem, and for help for women who want to get out of forced prostitution
  • Pray for effective laws and measures to protect women and make their escape easier
  • Pray for Christian ministries which work in this area (Neustart, Alabaster Jar, Solwodi)

Single Households

Every fifth person in Germany lives alone because the spouse has died or left, or because young men have a highly mobile lifestyle with a decreasing ability to bond. In Berlin, it is now every third person. This results in isolation..

In addition, it is going to get even more crowded in the city in the coming years. The increase in rent is a foretaste of what is to come. Most of those living alone did not necessarily choose to live alone voluntarily. Maybe they lost their partner – or never found the „right person“, with whom they could imagine living together with. Sourcee: Tagesspiegel-online 12.07.2012.


  • Pray for the many people who suffer because they are not voluntarily living alone
  • Pray that churches would offer more things where singles can meet one and get to know one another (Ideas and help can be found at
  • Pray for solutions for living space which is being made worse by the large number of those living alone

Blind Persons in Christian Churches

Most Christian events consist primarily of music and talks (sermons) and are therefore also accessible for blind persons. However, even though it is more difficult when visual presentations are used, simple helps are available. What is important, however–blind persons need help when they go into a room for the first time. They need to be picked up from the U- or S-Bahn or at home, shown to their seat, or the bathroom, or the buffet, etc.

It is not difficult to take into consideration things that will help. You can ask blind persons what would help them. They should have the opportunity to find a church in their neighbourhood which fits their taste in worship and should not be dependent on going to the only church for the blind in Berlin.


  • Pray for more openness to the needs of blind persons and the visually impaired
  • Pray that Christians will be better equipped and find joy in accompanying blind persons to their churches or evangelistic meetings

Crisis in Berlin’s Construction Sites

„If the Lord does not build the house, they labour in vain who work on it.“ Berlin’s construction sites are in the middle of a crisis. The opening of the new airport was postponed, which was covered at length by media all over the world–and there is seemingly no end to the problems. Other construction sites are also behind schedule or plagued by scandals–the BND headquarters in Prenzlauer Berg, the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, das Zoofenster am Breitscheidplatz. This hurts Berlin in many ways. It will be difficult for the city’s administration to convince potential investors of a positive outcome. And last but not least, the many failed building projects could endanger Berlin’s chances for possibly hosting the Olympics.


  • Pray that the reasons why the city’s construction sites have not been successful can be discovered
  • Pray for wisdom on the part of those responsible so that projects can be carried out successfully
  • Pray that those responsible for the difficulties can be identified and that they will accept responsibility in an appropriate way

Keeping On: Gangs

In recent weeks, violent clashes between the Bandidos and the Hells Angels have increased greatly. In the last two months, police have searched additional living quarters of suspected members of the forbidden group „Hells Angels Berlin City“. There was evidence about a planned bombing against defectors of the Bandidos.


  • Pray for the discovery and hindrance of criminal activities of both gangs
  • Pray that members of the gangs find new life in Jesus

March for Life

Imagine if all the children who were conceived in the last ten years had been born and not robbed of life–we would have over 1 million more children in our country! According to official statistics, more than 100,000 unborn are violently killed through abortion per year. Since reunification 2.5 million children have been killed! The true number of abortions is probably even higher than the official statistic.

On Sept. 22, the March for Life, which commemorates aborted children, will take place in Berlin. Participants from all over Germany are expected. It will begin at 1pm with a demonstration in front of the Chancellor’s office, followed by a silent march and an ecumenical worship service at 3pm in the St. Hedwigs cathedral. In the last years, there have been very aggressive protests against this demonstration for life on the part of anarchists and left-wing groups who endorse abortion.


  • Pray for forgiveness for the guilt of killing unborn life
  • Pray that a change of thinking would occur, which would embrace the protection of life

Giving Thanks-Celebrating-Praying on October 3

It has been 22 years since reunification of our country, and thus our city. This is something to celebrate, because what happened then, and how it happened, is still a miracle of God. The program is as follows:

  • 3pm GIVING THANKS and PRAYING, Himmelfahrtskirche am Humboldthain, Gustav-Meyer-Allee 2, 13355 Berlin-Wedding – Devotional with a Serbian-Orthodox choir, message from Pastor Astrid Eichler
  • 4pm – PRAYING and remembering, Walk of Thanksgiving with singing from former West Berlin to former East Berlin to the Versöhnungskapelle, Bernauer Straße, 13355 Berlin-Mitte
  • 5pm – CELBRATING and fellowshiping Christus-Kirche, Anklamer Str. 31, 10345 Berlin-Mitte, Bernauer Straße, Newspaper interview with Diakon Eberhard Heiße, Music by WakeUp


Sept 12, 6pm informal prayer in front of Berlin’s Rote Rathaus

Oct. 16-21: Operation Capital Europe, Prayer for the City and Government,