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Good News: Less Crime on the Kotti

We have often called for prayer for the Kottbusser Tor in Kreuzberg. According to rbb, the local police statistics show a significant decline in crime over the past year pertaining to assault and theft as well as pickpocketing, which all together fell by 14 percent from 2016 to 2017. Pickpocketing even fell by 42 percent. Unfortunately, the number of drug offenses has risen. Thank God, and continue to pray!

Sexual Diversity in Day-Care Centres

A new pedagogical guideline has been published for day-care centres– funded by the Senate – with the title, „Murat plays princess, Alex has two mothers and Sophie is now called Ben“. The target group, 1-6-year-old day-care centre children, is supposed to deal with all sorts of sexual and gender identity, orientation and life-styles in the form of picture books and stories. Child-care workers are trained to question the sexual and gender identity of toddlers and to help them find their sexual orientation. The topics in this brochure were developed by the LGBT interest group „Queerformat“ on behalf of the Senate. Despite the tolerance for different sexual orientations, also part of the Christian faith, many experts fear that children will be overburdened and experience serious interferences in their psychological development. If parents appeal to their constitutionally guaranteed parental rights and do not want to go along with this, the brochure indirectly threatens with the withdrawal of their custody rights. The attitudes propagated in the new brochure contradict standards based on biblical ethics. There is an online petition against this new guideline: In addition, an initiative in Berlin could be a role model for other federal states.


  • Pray that the focus would be on the well-being of the child and not on ideological targets
  • Pray for the withdrawal of the guideline

Bicycle City Berlin

Serious accidents with fatal outcome for cyclists happen over and over again. “Ghost Bikes”, white-painted bicycles commemorating a fatal accident, have been set up, and the lines for bike paths, for instance at the Kolonnenstraße in Schöneberg, have been re-painted with solid lines and red paint. But again and again, these color-coded borders are disregarded.

We already requested prayer for this issue in February. Now the Senate has decided that in the next ten years Berlin should become a cycling city. The House of Representatives still has to agree, but most probably nothing will stand in the way. The Radverkehrsgesetz (bicycle traffic law) states that because of double proportion of cyclists, proportionally more space should also be allocated on the roads. This affects the parking along the roads, which have to give way to the bike paths. As a result, by June, a Federal Council initiative for more traffic safety will be formulated.


  • Pray for protection and mutual respect of all those using the roads
  • Pray for solutions for safe conditions, especially for the weaker traffic participants
  • Pray for speedy and successful implementation of the goal of a bicycle-friendly city

Overcome Evil with Good –Transforum-Conference

According to Romans 12:21 „overcoming evil by good“ is the opportunity and task of Christians. How can the Spirit of Christ, who is a Spirit of love and reconciliation, become more evident through us in our cities? Are there successful models? This and more is the theme of the Transforum Conference by Gemeinsam für Berlin from 8 to 10 March in the Joshua community in Spandau. Exciting plenary guests and 24 workshops invite you to listen and participate. The whole program and registration can be found here:


  • Pray for ground-breaking and sustainable impulses through the conference
  • Pray that Berlin and other cities will increasingly be changed by the reconciling Sprit of the gospel

Nursing Crisis

There is a lack of nurses, including in Berlin. Already last year, the Berlin Senate forecasted a need for around 4,000 additional care and nursing assistants in the capital in 2018. People who work in nursing are often overwhelmed, overburdened and poorly paid, but they render an invaluable service to society. A referendum has been launched to establish, among other things, a minimum number of caretakers in the state hospital law.


  • For better work conditions and pay for nurses
  • Pray that young people will be encouraged to seek jobs in nursing
  • Pray for the funding of more positions in nursing
  • Pray for the success of the referendum

Problems with the Construction of New Schools

Because Berlin is growing and therefore the number of pupils is also growing, the Senate will provide a total of 5.5 billion euros for the renovation and especially for the construction of schools for the next ten years. It is planned to complete 51 schools with a total of 55,000 pupils in just four years of construction (instead of the previous eight years). The interior design will be adapted to modern teaching methods and inclusion. To realize this goal in the planned time, the construction company Howoge is to carry out the construction work, and other private companies will carry out the renovation work. Critics fear that there will be privatization of schools and land and that the risks will have to be borne mainly by the districts and the Senate. Another problem is the lack of construction professionals in the relevant building authorities and also in the open labour market.


  • We bless the responsible politicians with wisdom and a clear view of the overall situation
  • Pray for new / different ideas to carry out the necessary construction work
  • Pray that the construction contracts do not lead to a one-sided burden on the Senate and districts
  • Pray that the independence of education from private economic interests can be maintained
  • Pray for more planners, engineers, and workers to carry out the planned construction projects

New Police Chief

The Senator of the Interior, Andreas Geisel (SPD), surprisingly dismissed Police Chief Kalus Kandt on Feb. 26. He had been increasingly controversial, among other things, because of numerous mishaps surrounding the Christmas market assassin Amri and the events in the Police Academy. According to the Senator of the Interior, the dismissal of Kandts was not a hasty decision — The Berlin police needed to renew itself. There needed to be a culture in which one could speak openly about mistakes. The new dual leadership to be found by mid-April could embody a credible new beginning. Police Vice President Margarete Koppers is also leaving the police on March 1 to take over the post of attorney general. The successor to Kandt will be the director of Directorate 5, Michael Krömer. On several occasions, he was Director of Operations on May 1 and is considered an experienced police leader. (rbb)


  • Pray for fast success and optimal choice in the reorganization of the police leadership
  • Pray for God’s protection from crises and disasters during the transitional period

Keeping On: Praying for our Country

Since 2004 there has been an annual Lenten prayer campaign entitled „40 days to pray and fast for our country“. It was founded prior to Jesus Day 2004, a major event with attended by 40,000 people which took place in Berlin on 9/11/2004. First there were booklets, then flyers, now everything is online. Because of digitalization, the campaign is now a smartphone app. Since this is a kind of partnership nationwide for our Prayer for Berlin, we want to let you know that for both Android and iOS there is an app called DEUTSCHLAND BETET, where our prayer requests for Berlin are included. There you will also find GEBET FÜR UNSER LAND with daily requests for politics and society. The special feature: Prayer partners are asked to keep on, not only for the 40 days until Easter, but throughout the year in prayer for our country.


March 8-10, Transforum-Conference – see article above

March 10, 11am to 4 pm, Day of Prayer and Fasting for North Korea, Lukas-Gemeinde, Kurfürstenstr. 133, 10785 B.

March 14, 6pm: Prayer for the City, Rotes Rathaus


April 18, 6pm: March for Life, George-Grosz-Platz, Charlottenburg,

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Good News: UNITED more than ever before!

Christians from more than 30 denominations and from at least as many native cultures prayed together on January 20 in plenary and at 13 „prayer stations – Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, Free Church, an African and a Coptic choir and more. „ONE – pray together, celebrate, act together“ was the fruit of years of building relationships and trust. Sponsors were the Evangelical Alliance, Together for Berlin with its youth network BerlinUnited and the Ecumenical Council Berlin-Brandenburg. This response summed it up well: „To unite over confessional boundaries in prayer and to bring in their own profile and the richness of this tradition – equal and in the brotherly respect of others – that comes very close to the prayer of Jesus ‘… that they may all be one’. And it’s a taste of what I imagine heaven will be like. Hopefully this will happen again next year.” Prayer: Many reasons for thanks!

Offices and Senate Administrations

In order to prevent financial collapse, the number of staff in the Berlin administrations was massively reduced beginning in 2001 (60% in the districts, and 10% in the senate administrations). In addition, state-owned or district-owned properties were sold or leased. The training of staff has been essentially discontinued, so there is a lack of younger employees in the administrations. Recently, the districts were once again allowed to recruit significantly more staff. However, there are problems: there are no qualified administrators; newcomers not only lack the expertise, but also knowledge of administrative processes; there is little time left for the transfer of knowledge from the „old hands“ to younger employees; there are too few workspaces for newly hired employees. Partly because of lack of space, the new employees that are urgently needed and – finally – approved by the Senate have not been employed. In addition, the processes from application to recruitment are very cumbersome, tedious and outdated. For many applicants, an employment offer comes too late. How to get these problems under control is controversial. The Senate blames the districts; the districts see the blame on the Senate level. The communication between both sides is clearly disturbed. The Governing Mayor now wants to extend his rights of intervention in district powers, but the districts and the district mayors are not open to this.


  • Pray that the state and the districts would be willing to seek solutions together
  • Pray for a new willingness to talk and a new culture of discussion between those responsible
  • Pray for suitable applicants for vacancies and that positions will quickly be filled
  • Pray for solutions for lack of space and more vocational training places

Overload and staff shortage in the judiciary and police

The frequent outbreaks from the Berlin prisons over the past few weeks are not the only reason for the necessity of effective and rapid measures. For a long time there has been a massive lack of personnel in courts, prisons and the police. The prison system is lacking around 200 employees, though the prisons are fully occupied. The director of the Moabit prison reported: The consequence of the lack of staff is „that every prisoner gets less care and less attention than he should actually get, in order for us to fulfill our legal mandate. This results in more risk for both my employees and for the State of Berlin.” The Justice Senator wants to hire more staff. This applies, on the one hand, to the 150 trainees who are finally completing their training this year and to other prison staff, but also to judges with special attention to the juvenile division. A significant increase in the number of staff in the police has already been decided, but of course, it will take time until the applicants are fully trained.


  • Thank God that prisons are once again training staff
  • Pray that prison personnel will be protected against overload and for good success in the care of detainees
  • Pray for a faster resolution of staff shortages in the judiciary and police

University Contracts

In mid-January, the university contracts between the State of Berlin and the Berlin universities including the Charité hospital were signed. For the first time, the contracts will be valid for five years, from 2018 to 2022, thus offering universities greater planning security. The total volume amounts to 8.1 billion euros, which is to be used to improve the study and employment conditions. Thus, finally, more scientific staff of the academic middle-class can be employed indefinitely. It will also support measures that drive the digitization and free availability of research results. The topics of integration and migration research, Islamic theology, as well as peace, conflict and terrorism research will also be promoted.


  • Thank God that money has been put aside for education and better employment in the area of science · Pray that funds will be used effectively and responsibly
  • Pray that the responsibility for the funded research topics will be given to Spirit-filled people

More Homeless

The number of homeless is increasing: At present, at least 10,000 homeless people live in Berlin. Some experts estimate the number even higher. Every year, between 500 and 1,000 homeless people come to Berlin, mainly from Eastern European countries. Since there is a shortage of shelters, many of them had been sleeping in the Berlin Tiergarten park, but this was cleared last year before winter came. For the first time, districts, senate administrations and NGOs jointly discussed the problem at the first strategy conference on homelessness in the capital. The goal is to be able in the future to offer every homeless at least one emergency shelter.


  • Thank God for the first joint search for a solution between the parties involved
  • Pray for a sufficient number of shelters
  • Pray for sustainable, timely and visible solutions to improve the situation

Accelerate Housing Construction

It is undisputed that Berlin needs more housing as quickly as possible, especially housing that is affordable for low incomes. Berlin is not fulfilling the quota of 25% social housing in new construction that was intended in the “Berlin model” of the Senate. In addition, there is a growing need for housing for mid-level incomes. The housing policy of the Senate is being generally criticized, especially the Senator for City Development Katrin Lompscher (Linke), also by their coalition partner SPD. The focus on public companies does not do justice to the fact that 90 percent of the new construction in Berlin has been given to private companies and property developers. In addition, the announced „urban development housing plan“ is overdue. Apparently, in recent years the Senate has hardly ever acquired land offered by the federal government at a preferential price. The federal government and Berlin are blaming each other for this. Another factor causing delay is the (legally stipulated) public participation: Everyone wants the construction of new apartments, but of course not on their own doorstep! The common good, however, must always be higher than individual interests. It is also urgent that the time needed for building permits and preliminary construction decisions be shortened. All in all, the new housing construction in Berlin obviously requires stronger political control and more effective cooperation between the Senate and the districts. However, whether a central Steering Committee for Urban Development should be set up is a matter of dispute between the coalition partners. The home exchange that is being set up seems to be a good new idea.


  • Pray for a rapid end to the roadblocks and delays in the construction of new housing
  • Pray for agreement between the Senate departments, the federal government and the districts
  • Pray for creative, new ideas for more living space

Keeping on: BER and Tegel airports

Unfortunately, a continuing long-term issue! All the more reason for prayer. The fight continues: There is a new legal opinion commissioned by the Senate which makes the continued operation of Tegel almost impossible. The opposition (FDP and parts of the CDU) however continues to demand the continued use of Tegel. The federal government and the States of Brandenburg and Berlin maintain their position that Tegel must close six months after the BER opens. The construction costs of BER have risen again. The probability of the announced opening date for 2020 seems to be increasing. So keep on: Let us continue to pray for the end of the unfruitful quarrels, that sloppiness and corruption will be revealed and for a quick completion of the BER and for the optimal use of Tegel!


February 14, 6 pm: Prayer for the City, Rotes Rathaus

February 23, 5pm: Prayer for the Kotti, Gebetskeller am Kottbusser Tor, Adalbertstr. 97

March 10, 11 am to 4 pm: Day of Prayer and Fasting for North Korea, Lukas-Gemeinde, Kurfürstenstr. 133, 10785 Berlin


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Good News: 7,8% more births

Last year, 41,000 children were born in Berlin. This represents an increase of 7.8 percent compared to 2015 – 0.4 percent above the national average. There have not been so many babies in Berlin since the ba-by boom in the 60s. Let’s welcome each baby as a miracle of God and congratulate the parents!

  • Thank God for the increasing courage for new life and parenthood

Christmas – Peace on Earth?

There are mixed feelings about Christmas. For some, it is a celebration they look forward to with bright eyes and full anticipation. For others, it is a time when family tensions can no longer to be evaded. And still others feel particularly excluded during the Christmas season – because they have no one with whom they can celebrate or because they are new here in Germany and do not yet know Christmas customs. We also need to pray for the protection of the Christmas markets from terror and violence. A year ago on December 19, an assassin rammed a truck into a Christmas market. 12 people died and 60 were injured.


  • Pray that the message „God with us“ will touch many non-believing people who, whether because of tradition or curiosity, visit worship services or Christian celebrations
  • Pray that Christians will invite lonely people to their house to celebrate together
  • Pray that Christmas markets will be protected from terror

New Tourism Concept

It is a gift that many people from all over the world visit our interesting city. Almost half of them come from abroad. In 2016, 12.7 million people visited Berlin; 31.1 million overnight stays were recorded. The numbers continue to rise slightly. For the residents in the districts which are particularly popular with tourists, the many visitors can also sometimes be a burden. The Berlin Senate is currently working intensively on a new tourism concept that aims, among other things, to increase the marketing of the outer districts of the city and to provide more contact between Berliners and visitors. Electric buses and other measures should make tourism more environmentally friendly.


  • Pray for a smart, sustainable tourism concept
  • Pray for good measures that combine tourism promotion and protection of local residents
  • Pray that more tourists stay longer and discover the city and its residents

Day of Prayer “ONE in Christ”

A prayer day for the city with this motto and the subtitle “pray together, celebrate, act“, will take place for the first time on January 20, 2018. At the end of the Evangelical Alliance Week of Prayer Evangelical, and in the middle of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, the Evangelical Alliance, Together for Berlin, and the Ecumenical Council Berlin-Brandenburg are inviting Christians to come together for a day of prayer. At this event, Christians from different church backgrounds, cultures, and generations will meet each other, united in Jesus Christ. The sponsors would rather have “the greatest possible diversity than the lowest common denominator“. The event begins at 3:30 pm in the Evangelisch-Freikirchliche Gemeinde Schöneberg, Hauptstraße 125. We will begin together with music and songs to the glory of God and an input. We will then pray at twelve different „stations“ in various forms and traditions, distributed throughout the building. A children’s program will be provided. After a joint closing session, there is time to meet others over snacks and drinks. The day will close with the usual prayer concert of the youth network Berlin UniteD, beginning at 7:00 pm.


  • Pray that the broad unity of Christians honours God and encourages those involved
  • Pray for success for the complex preparations and planning
  • Pray that the world will realize that the Father has sent the Son (John 17:23)


In Germany, the use of drugs and the number of drug-related deaths continue to increase. The situation in Berlin is particularly frightening with a 15% increase in deaths in the last year, mostly due to heroin, cocaine and crystal meth in particular. But the capital is also the leader in cannabis use. The red-red-green government in Berlin wants to re-design its drug policy. This is shown, for instance, in Görlitzer Park, one of the main places for drug deals with hashish and marijuana. Following unsuccessful attempts to stop the dealing, so-called park walkers are now being used to keep the dealing at least within tolerable limits. This seems to work, because the accompanying crime has decreased. There is also a preventive offensive, which gives the Berlin specialist department 300,000 € more for prevention and education work in schools. Also, consumption rooms and so-called „drug checks“ are to be created in which police and consumers can check the substances.


  • Pray that an effective way out of dependency can be found for drug addicts
  • Pray especially that the prevention work among young people is fruitful

Nursing Care Crisis

Recently there was a strike at the Berlin Charité Clinic because the schedules for surgery are too full and there are too few staff. Nationwide and also in Berlin, the problem is growing: the number of (aging) needy people is increasing, but the number of nurses is increasing only slowly. This applies to outpatient home care as well as nursing home care and hospitals. There are currently very few nurses on the job market. Politicians urgently need to counteract this problem. The topic should be an urgent part of the negotiations for a new federal government.


  • Pray for determined action on the part of politicians at the state and federal level
  • Pray for strength and motivation for the care-givers
  • Pray for more Christians in nursing jobs

Keeping On: Crime

At Kottbusser Tor, Görlitzer Park, which is well-known for problems with drug dealers, and at the Warsaw Bridge, the number of crimes has declined compared to the previous year. There were fewer acts of violence and fewer thefts of bags or bicycles for instance. On the other hand, the drug trade increased in some cases (article above). It’s not that the state is powerless, but it is limited in its resources. Politicians of all parties did little, and the police force was neglected. Currently, nine large clans of Arab descent dominate the crime scene in Berlin. There are also rockers from various clubs, and the Russian mafia is also active.


  • Thank God for partial decline in crime and pray for further decrease

On a personal note: Rosemarie Stresemann is leaving the editorial team

Rosemarie Stresemann is a well-known name in the prayer scene in Berlin and now also nationwide. After 15 years she is ending her cooperation with the Berlin prayer mail and will now concentrate entirely on the „Wächterruf“, a continuous prayer chain for Germany with monthly letters and increasingly also conferences and seminars. The retired primary school teacher combines intensive and critical political research with a great passion for (often prophetic) intercession, a combination rarely found. Rosemarie has not only influenced the prayer mail, but also the prayer scene in Berlin significantly. From 2003 to 2016 she also co-headed the monthly meeting of the „Forum Prayer“ by Together for Berlin together with Axel Nehlsen. She has been responsible for an infinite amount of impetus for prayer for the city and also a significant portion of the texts and prayer requests in this prayer mail. It’s great to see our God sharpening the gifts and profiles of His people and using them for the coming of His kingdom. This also applies to Rosemarie’s future tasks. People can express their thanks in written or verbal form, but it is God who repays in his own way and creates lasting fruit. In that sense: May God bless you, Rosemarie!


Dec. 13, 6pm Prayer for City Politicians, Rotes Rathaus

Jan. 10, 6pm Prayer for City Politicians, Rotes Rathaus

Jan. 14-21 International Week of Prayer sponsored by the Evangelical Alliance. A brochure with Berlin dates can be obtained in participating churches and online here:

Jan. 20, 3:30pm Day of Prayer ONE (See article above)


Warm greetings from the editorial team (Kerstin Hack, Axel Nehlsen, Anna Wunderlich) and from the GfB-leadership team Ana Hoffmeister. We wish you all a meaningful Advent and Christmas season!


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Good News: Peter Steudtner freed

After a hundred days, on October 26th, the human rights activist Peter Steudtner (and some others) were surprisingly released from detention in Turkey. The Amnesty International activist had been accused of supporting a terrorist organization, and accusation which obviously could not be upheld. The Gethsemane church in the Prenzlauer Berg had been holding intercessory prayer for him during the entire time. We, together with the church, are grateful for the answer to prayer. Other Germans, however, remain unjustly imprisoned in Turkey.

Turkish Consular Teaching

The Turkish Consulate School, in which Turkish children in municipal schools can voluntarily participate in the afternoons, has been operating for a long time. The original intention was to learn the mother tongue and local history of the country of origin. Classes also take place in other languages ​​and are a relic of the time when the Italian, Yugo-Slavic and Turkish guest workers brought their families to Germany or started a family here. The concept is now completely outdated. After the attempted coup against Erdogan, the view of the Turkish consular education has changed. The curriculum, which was designed in Ankara, has been more closely examined and, according to the Education Administration, contains „clearly religious and nationalistic content“. A potential influence of the Erdogan-influenced authoritarian government is becoming increasingly clear. Therefore, on the one hand, a change in the curriculum is necessary; on the other hand, the state would like to develop an alternative offer, but the Senate has not come up with a concept yet. So far, fees for the classes have not been charged, but that is now changing. The Mitte district now wants to charge € 30,000. The Turkish community has protested. Native-speaker instruction in Turkish or also now in Arabic offered by school administration requires teacher training that does not exist yet. Therefore, adult education centers are being included.(Tagesspiegel 22.9.17)


  • Pray for a completely new concept of mother-language teaching that integrates
  • Pray for good transitional solutions
  • Pray for all students of other nationalities, that they will get enough support at school for their specific needs

The Amri Case and the Consequences

The detailed report of the Special Representative Jost in connection with the terrorist attack by Anis Amri on the Breitscheidplatz in Berlin on December 19, 2016 has been completed. It became evident that there were many wrong decisions and serious mistakes on the part of the authorities. They range from non-granted support by the Berlin State Criminal Office to subsequent file forgery. On November 10, 2017, the Amri Investigation Committee of the Berlin State Parliament will meet. According to Berlin Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) there will also be an inquiry committee from the Bundestag. This is due to the mistakes made by the state authorities and also at the federal level, and the lack of communication between the security authorities. Since „there are still a number of potential attackers in the country“ who should be deported, this should, according to Jost, be better organized at the federal level (


  • Thank God that the mistakes were openly addressed within the security forces
  • Pray that good conclusions will be drawn from the report that bring improvement
  • Pray for security, order and God’s protection over our country

Vision for Berlin 2050

„Berlin 2050 Concrete Density“ is the name of an exhibition designed to inspire debate on urban development. Unfortunately, for the past 20 years, no Senate has dared to try to coordinate urban development. However this is urgently needed. Berlin is growing by 60,000 people every year. The housing shortage is massive, and office space is now scarce. There is a lack of schools and day-care centres. Berlin is growing and bursting at the seams.

Now well-known architects and professors have given their students five areas for creative rethinking: Westkreuz around the ICC, Westhafen near Wedding, Karl-Marx-Allee, Charlottenburg-Nord, Niederschöneweide. The result is images of a new Berlin, which is more diverse, colourful and bigger. They want to encourage courageous brainstorming about the future of the city. „But the Senate is content with careful repairs and additions to the cityscape, as if the wall were still protecting the West Berliners from the market and competition and the East Berliners from the class enemy.“ (Tagesspiegel Oct. 13).

Other obstacles include the competence-wrangling between the Senate and the districts, the clientele interests of the three parties in the Senate and residents‘ initiatives and referendums that seem to resist everything new. In other areas (such as start-ups, culture, medical technology) Berlin is rightly known to be very innovative – does it not also deserve innovative, courageous urban planning?

The Exhibition: Architektur Galerie Berlin, Karl-Marx-Allee 98, 10243 Berlin; October 13 – November 11


  • Pray for more courage for creative city planning
  • Pray that the innovative and creative God will equip people to do that
  • Pray that urban development becomes top priority

Homeless in Parks

More and more homeless people are staying in public parks. The problem came to light among the public after a woman was murdered in Tiergarten. The number of homeless people in Berlin is increasing. These include rejected asylum seekers, drug addicts, or especially many Eastern Europeans looking for work, and also Germans. There is alcoholism and drug-trade. Young people and young men are prostituting themselves. Anyone wanting to prevent this will encounter hate and violence. The police do not want to crack down because they do not want to be appear to be too harsh. The district mayor of Neukölln, Franziska Giffey (SPD), reports that, in cooperation with Caritas, it is organizing voluntary bus return trips for homeless people to Eastern European EU countries.

The Berliner Stadtmission often feels the significant increase in homelessness first. It is a well-known contact point and also offers a hygiene centre for the homeless. The Stadtmission does not feel that deportation is a solution. Housing the homeless also requires increased efforts and a concept. There are not nearly enough places for the winter.


  • Pray that enough overnight places can be found before winter
  • Pray for increased Senate efforts for an overall solution for homelessness
  • Thank God for all the Christians who wholeheartedly work or volunteer

Safety in Traffic

White-painted bicycles can be seen in different places around Berlin, commemorating cyclists who have died there. It happens relatively often that a truck does not see a cyclist when turning, and the person on the cycle gets run over.

Both technical and practical solutions are needed – from a large glass window as a passenger door (required beginning 2022 in the EU for new trucks) to a right-turn green light for cyclists, re-construction of intersections, or a truck ban in inner cities.


  • Pray for God’s protection and preservation for all those using the roads
  • Pray for the development of efficient, sustainable and implementable concepts

Suicide in Local Transport

Even if no exact figures are known to us – the number of emergency medical responses in the S-Bahn and subway trains appears to be increasing. In the course of his professional life, an S-Bahn driver runs over an average of two people. Often suicide is the reason. Sometimes it results from brutal behaviour of other passengers.


  • Pray that God would encounter and give hope those who are considering suicide
  • Pray that effective measures can be found to protect those using public transport

Keeping On: Air Berlin

Following the insolvency of the airline Air Berlin, around 3,000 of the 8,000 existing employees are still without a job perspective. Flight operations were discontinued the end of October. The involved federal states and the federal government could not agree on an Auffanggesellschaft, which would have helped employees receive further training or continued employment. But most likely a Transfergesellschaft will be able to help 1,200 people find new employment. The Senate, the Deutsche Bahn and others are offering jobs. Let us pray for jobs and perspectives for those affected!


  • Nov 8, 6-7 pm, Prayer for city politicians at the Rote Rathaus
  • Nov 24, 5-7 pm Prayer for the Kotti, Adalbertstraße 97, Gebetskeller Kreuzberg


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Good News: Digital Economy is growing

In recent years, the digital economy in Berlin has grown considerably. 77,000 jobs are now available in this sector – more than in any other German city. 8.5% of Berlin’s economic power comes from the digital economy.


  • Thank God for this good development
  • Pray for many new jobs in this sector

27 Years of German Unity

On October 3, we will celebrate 27 years of German unity – and thus also the unification of our formerly divided city. But living conditions in the east and the west have not evened out yet. The results of the Bundestag elections differed widely between east and west, and also in Berlin: large majorities for the Linke and the AfD in the east, the SPD and the Greens in the central parts of the city, CDU majorities in the north-west and south-west, but also strong growth for the AfD even there. One may see this as an image of colorful and diverse Berlin, but it also reveals the massive contrast in the (dis)satisfaction with our democratic system, in the social sector, and in the feeling of quality of life. Unity in heads and hearts is by no means completed. The contrasts have actually grown. The situation needs political wisdom, recovery of trust in politics and political parties, civic involvement – and our prayer.


  • Pray for new bridges of conversation and mutual understanding in the city
  • Pray that politicians, churches and communities will actively seek people out and take their worries seriously
  • Pray that God’s grace leads us to the completion of inner unity

Thousands of Lateral Career-Change Teachers

In 2017, according to official Senate information, a total of 3,004 teachers were hired in Berlin schools, including 1,254 who came as lateral career-change teachers, (without the usual teacher training), 944 in August alone, 558 of which are in elementary schools ( The vice-chairman of staff, Haase, told the Berliner Zeitung, „Another complicating factor is that the quality of the applicants among the lateral career-change teachers has now declined considerably. In addition, a lack of knowledge of German and pedagogical training is a problem for teachers in elementary schools, but the majority of those with a lateral career-change are employed there. Furthermore, the situation could be reversed as early as 2022, since the number of graduates could then be far above the remaining need for new teachers, because the jobs would then be occupied by lateral career-change teachers. ( © 2017)


  • Pray for sound judgement on the part of those responsible for the choice of lateral career-change teachers
  • Pray for wisdom for every teacher with their students in the classroom and with their colleagues
  • Pray for good, long-lasting ways of dealing with teacher vacancies, so that new graduates are enabled to enter the profession

Rents continue to rise despite attempt to stabilize rates

In 2015, Berlin was the first state to introduce a program to put the brake on the rising cost of rental housing. It was hoped that this could be a suitable means of stopping the rents in Berlin from rising further. A Berlin court has now declared that law probably unconstitutional. Nevertheless, Lompscher, the Senator for city development, wants to sharpen this law even more. The law remains in effect pending a decision before the Federal Constitutional Court. Unfortunately, the rental price development in Berlin has not eased much. Too many exceptions prevent this law from being an effective key against rising rents. Most political parties are in favour of launching further construction programs to ease the housing market.


  • Pray that the rental brake will prevent extreme rent increases
  • Pray for legal clarity, including the implementation of the law
  • Pray for fast construction of affordable housing

Tegel Airport – what’s next?

The referendum, which took place at the same time as the Bundestag election, resulted in a clear majority of 56.1% to keep the Tegel airport (41.7% against), even after the 2019 hoped-for completion of the airport BER. The referendum did not contain a legislative initiative and is not politically binding. It merely states that the Senate should take all necessary steps to continue the operation of Tegel. The Red-Red-Green coalition in the Senate was and is against it. The outcome of the vote is seen as an expression of the dissatisfaction with the current Senate policy. The advocates of a closure of Tegel, above all the more than 300,000 residents who have been plagued by noise, have already announced they will pursue legal action complaints, should Tegel actually remain open. Now Mayor Müller wants to speak with the federal government and the state of Brandenburg as co-partners. As they have been until now, both are for the closure of Tegel no later than six months after the opening of the BER, which is the current contract. Müller wants to appoint a „recognized neutral personality“, who will use a “transparent and open” roundtable to check whether and how a continued use of the Tegel airport is legally watertight. It is a difficult situation legally, ecologically, and politically.


  • Pray for legal clarity, political cleverness and divine wisdom
  • Pray for an early completion of BER
  • Pray for relief for the residents affected by noise

On the Way to Inclusion

At the beginning of the new school year, inclusion began in the primary schools in Berlin. Teaching which takes pupils with disabilities and learning constraints into a regular class must be different. Inclusion education therefore actually means a change in the educational system. This new education experiment is starting with a very uncertain outcome. In other states (for example, Hamburg and Bremen), which have implemented a complete inclusion too quickly, inclusion has already been described as a failure by education experts. It led to a complete overburdening of the teachers. In Berlin, therefore, they want to proceed more slowly. The existing special schools for children with learning difficulties are gradually being closed. However, having both special schools for children with learning difficulties and inclusion does not appear to be a great solution either. In Berlin, children with learning disabilities and behavioural problems are to be included first. Over 60 percent of the children with special needs have behavioural problems (!). Inclusion will start first with those beginning school and those in the third grade. Specialists are assigned to normal classes according to a specific allocation key. But this allocation alone does not constitute a new educational system. Those who have taught know how often such specialist teachers are pulled out of their assigned class to substitute elsewhere. Is it really good for the students to be taught in mixed learning groups? Many students with behavioural problems simply need more attention and smaller groups. All those affected are now approaching this experiment with much uncertainty.


  • Pray that inclusion is introduced cautiously and problems can be identified in a timely manner
  • Pray that the teachers involved receive the support they need
  • Pray that the needs of the many students with behavioural problems will be recognized

Keeping On: Places for Births

A special summit was recently sponsored by the Minister of Health, Dilek Kolat. There are far too few places in delivery rooms for the increasing number of births (a great development!). There is also a great lack of midwives. Let us pray for solutions!

New: Our Prayer Mail App

We are pleased to report that the prayer requests from the Berlin prayer mail can now be accessed directly on your smartphone via the prayer app “Deutschland betet”. This app is provided by „Round Table Prayer” (the Lausanne Movement German Branch), which is also responsible for its content. This interdenominational network wants to strengthen prayer in all areas of society and to integrate it into a comprehensive perspective for our country (

Installation (Sorry, it is only in German):

  • Download the app “Deutschland betet” from the app store (available for Android and IOS)
  • Subscribe to “Gebet für Berlin” and then “bis Ende des Anliegens”
  • Done! The individual prayer requests will be distributed as notifications throughout the month on the appropriate date


  • Oct. 11, 6-7 pm Prayer for City Politicians at the Rote Rathaus
  • Oct. 27, 5-7 pm, Prayer for the Kotti, Adalbertstraße 97, Gebetskeller Kreuzberg


Subscribe: Go to and enter your e-mail address into the data base.

Download as PDF: July/August 2017

Good news: People encounter God

Christians who work among refugees are experiencing a great openness among the people. New Berliners who are refugees often accept the offer of prayer for themselves. Many experience God’s touch, often also physical healing. It also often happens that God himself has prepared them for an encounter with Jesus, for instance like a man who said to a Christian: „Can you tell me what Jesus wants from me – he appears to me every night (!) in a dream!”

  • Thank God for the many people who are open to an encounter with Jesus – and pray for sufficient workers in this field

Good news: Unemployment is falling

For the first time in many years unemployment in Berlin fell below 9%. There are still 128,340 people seeking employment, but that is nevertheless 10,200 fewer than 2016. In some districts, the number of unemployed is already close to the federal average of 5.6%, while in other districts – such as Neukölln at 12% – are still clearly above the national average.

  • Thank God for the people who have found employment – and pray for a further decrease in unemployment

Keep Tegel Airport open?

Intense debates about the Tegel Airport have been going on for months. Tegel Airport was to close after the long-awaited and repeatedly postponed opening fo the BER airport in Schönefeld. The three shareholders, (Berlin, Brandenburg, and the federal government) had long since decided this with their respective elected parliaments. Now, initiated by the FDP, a referendum will take place in Berlin on the day of the Bundestag elections (9/24). Surveys currently suggest a majority want to keep the airport open. The referendum would not be binding, however, because it is not about a law that has been passed. The red-red-green government coalition and the governing mayor have just reconfirmed their clear position in favour of closure. The CDU drew back from its previous opinion and will ask its members.

Previous court orders specify that the BER may be operated only when the other airports are closed. A new report is casting doubt on that. However, keeping Tegel open would lead to a wave of law suits. Noise protection for hundreds of thousands of residents in compliance with today’s standards would devour immense costs. And the planned 5,000 apartments, technological and educational facilities on the Tegel site are urgently needed.


  • Pray that the debate, which is currently partly populist, will become more objective through sound facts
  • Pray for a fast completion of BER
  • Pray for a decision that benefits Berliners long-term and is good for the city

Crisis in Day-Care Centres

In Berlin, there are currently around 165,000 places in day-care centres. Many parents subjectively perceive a crisis in the day-care centres because it is very difficult to find an available place. Objectively, there are enough available free places. By 2020 30,000 new places will have been added. However, it is not enough that there are available places – there is a desperate need for preschool teachers. There are clearly too few professionals. The education administration therefore wants to train many more who desire a career change. More and more refugee children also need places in a day-care centre, but the number of needed places cannot be calculated exactly. What is clear, however, is that children need intensive attention and reliable relationships, even more so the younger they are. If there is a serious lack of teachers, the remaining ones in the day-care centres can no longer teach what is necessary, and both children and teachers suffer under these conditions.


  • Pray for blessing and strength for pre-school teachers
  • Pray that many who are looking for a change in career will apply to be trained
  • Pray that women who stay home with their children will once again be valued

New Senator: Elke Breitenbach

The 56-year-old Elke Breitenbach from the Left Party is the Berlin Senator for Integration, Labour and Social Affairs. She grew up in Hessen and studied politics in Berlin. She worked, among other things, for a research project on vocational schools and trade unions and at the Sachsenhausen Memorial Centre. From 1992 to 1997 she was a trade union secretary. She experienced a year of unemployment herself. From 2002 to 2003, she was a personal adviser to the Senator for Health, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection. Since 1998, she has been a member of the PDS (now Die Linke, The Left) and its deputy party chairman. She views the GDR past of the party quite critically. From 2003 on she has been a member of the State Parliament and spokeswoman for the areas of work, social affairs, inclusion and senior citizens. Because of the separation of office and mandate, which she supported, she gave up her mandate in January. Breitenbach has lived for 20 years in a shared flat with a female college friend. Her life partner lives there also. In the future, she wants to find a triple or even larger shared-flat to counteract isolation in old age (Interview BILD 12/13/2016).

In addition to other concerns, the senator wants to raise the minimum wage. It was a small success that the Senate raised the minimum wage by 50 cents for its own employees beginning July 1. The rates for Hartz IV need to be raised, especially for children. She is committed to the provision of jobs for the long-term unemployed and for refugees and to qualification programmes, for which employers should receive a payroll subsidy. She is also in favour of publically subsidised employment, for which the federal government should provide a solid funding base.


  • Pray for opportunities for implementation for the Senator’s sensible social demands
  • Pray for success for the Senate Administration’s plans for the benefit of the disadvantaged
  • Pray for personal blessing for the Senator

Rigaer Straße

Violent outbursts happen continuously in the Rigaer Straße in Friedrichshain. One of the last occupied houses in Berlin is Rigaer Str. 94. Until now eviction has not been possible because the owner had not yet provided a complete set of all the necessary legal titles. A new court case has now also failed because the managing director of the British owner company died in May. In June, alleged left-wing extremists attacked vehicles from local residents and police officers. As the G-20 summit in July 7th and 8th in Hamburg approaches, more and more left-wing extremists are gathering in Berlin. An attempt to curb the violence was made at the end of June by paving the Rigaer Straße and the Liebigstraße. Since the left-wing radicals continually „armed“ themselves with cobblestones, it was decided at short notice to pave a small part of the street and the intersection. Dealing with left-wing extremism is a political problem for the red-red-green Senate. In the coalition agreement, the topic of left-wing extremism and, in particular, violence from the left was not mentioned at all. Only right-wing extremism is in view. Therefore, the CDU has now called for an action plan for the Rigaer Straße. There is still no clear concept of how to protect the residents from further attacks.


  • Pray that all parties will cooperate to find a solution for the problem of violence
  • Pray for insight into what will lead to long-term peace
  • Pray for the protection of the police and firemen when they are serving in that area

Summer Break

Summer vacation begins on July 20 for thousands of Berlin students – for most, a long-awaited time without

teachers, exams, and grades. Many travel with their parents or go to summer camps. There are good offers from churches and Christian organisations. Others spend the holidays in the city because a holiday is not possible financially or time-wise. The city and various independent or Christian sponsors offer vacation programmes.


  • Pray that the children, parents and other vacationers will have a relaxing vacation
  • Pray that Christian retreats and summer programmes will help people (above all, young people) to get to know God

Keeping On: Protection from Terrorrism

The terrorist attacks in London, as well as the latest attacks on the Berlin S-Bahn clearly show us that cities are vulnerable – terror is possible almost everywhere. We continue to pray for the protection of our city from attacks, that attacks in planning will be discovered beforehand, and that radicalized people have a radical encounter with the loving God. .


  • July 12 and August 9, 6-7 pm, prayer for city politicians at the Rotes Rathaus
  • July 28 and August 25, 5-7pm, prayer for Kreuzberg, Adalbertstraße 97, Gebetskeller


Spandau is the first district to have its own prayer website:

This prayer mail is for both July and August. We wish everyone a relaxing and blessed summer and/or holiday! By the way: God never goes on holiday and is always reachable everywhere for our prayers!

Download as PDF: [June 2017]

Good News: Protestant Kirchentag

From May 24-30, Berlin was full of participants of the Protestant Church Convention (Kirchentag) — 105,000 visitors for the duration, and 30,000 one-day tickets – from quite devout to quite liberal, seekers and evangelists, many young and less elderly – and last but not least representatives from politics, society and other religions as dialogue partners. You may or may not like it. Yes, one can criticize the unbridled pluralism and the often unrecognizable faith profile, but you can also be happy that the gospel was heard in Bible studies, podium discussions, concerts and market booths. When else do so many come together for such a big event without one negative incident? The police were happy with the peaceful Christians. When else are the media full of church-related issues? When else do tens of thousands pray together? Despite some criticism there are a lot of reasons to be thankful!

Senator for Culture Klaus Lederer

We are continuing our series on the new members of the Red-Red-Green Senate which has been in office since December, 2016. Dr. Klaus Lederer is Senator for Culture and Europe. He is also one of the deputies of the Governing Mayor for the party “Die Linke”. Born 1974 in Mecklenburg, he spent his youth in Frankfurt / Oder. After the end of the GDR, he became involved in left – wing youth associations, and has been active since 1992 in the PDS, the predecessor of the leftist party, where he has served as chairman since 2005. Since 2003 he has been a member of the Berlin House of Representatives and has recently been the legal policy spokesman for “die Linke”. The openly gay politician lives with his long-time life companion in a registered life partnership and is also committed to equal rights for homosexuals. He does not shy away from fair debate and is committed to working on issues and tasks as equals with coalition partners in the new Senate.

Up to now, the Governing Mayor has been responsible for the culture department. But now Lederer can and will set new standards in cultural policy. In particular, he would like to promote an “independent” cultural scene. He immediately got involved with the conflict concerning the appointment of a new management for the Volksbühne at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. Chris Dercon is to become the successor of the leftist cult-director Frank Castorf on August 1. The governing mayor Michael Müller (SPD) and his then Secretary of State for Culture, Tim Renner, had already been responsible for the contract with Dercon in 2015. Since then there have been heated discussions about personnel. The opponents of Dercon as Culture Manager consider him to be unsuitable to succeed Frank Castorf. Employees of the Volksbühne have protested against him in an open letter. However, Lederer, after initial hesitation, now wants to fulfil the contract. In this way, a new spirit would actually enter the Volksbühne.


  • Pray for active, creative and, as far as possible, ideologically free cultural policy by the Senator
  • Pray that the conflict with the staff of the Volksbühne can be solved
  • Pray that Berlin’s cultural scene will gain attractiveness internationally

Upcoming events sponsored by the Stadtmission

On the first Sunday of the month, the Stadtmission offers “A different sort of steamboat trip: With God on the River Spree“. Interesting background information will be given concerning the city, including stories of Berlin personalities who have shaped our city in different ways, including faith issues. With this touristic offer, the Stadtmission wants to make the wider public aware of the importance of the Christian faith for the city. Dates can be found here:


  • Thank God for this creative way of proclamation that has been taking place for many years
  • Pray that these boat trips will give many Berliners and tourists good impulses for faith

Ramadan 2017 from May 27 to June 24

During almost the entire month of June, faithful Muslims will take part in the fasting month of Ramadan. There is no food, drink, or sex from sunrise to sunset. Ramadan is a time when Muslims concentrate in a special way on their faith and are looking to experience God – especially during the so-called Night of Power from 21 to 22 June.

Fasting is a physical and emotional strain, especially in the summer months. In the refugee camps, strict Muslims live together with less strict Muslims, as well as with Christians and followers of other religions. This can lead to tensions. Practical tips and ideas for dealing with these issues in refugee accommodations can be found here:


  • That many Muslims actually encounter God and His love during this time
  • Pray for wisdom for those in charge of refugee accommodations to deal with these special days 
  • Pray for protection for non-Muslims from verbal and physical attacks during these days

Der „Amri Case“ and the Investigators

The assassin who drove a truck into the Christmas market on Breitscheidplatz and killed 12 people could possibly have been arrested and imprisoned earlier on account of gang-related and commercial drug trafficking. Suspicion of a possible cover-up by officers of the Landeskriminalamt (LKA) has arisen due to the work of the special investigator Bruno Jost. Evidence may have been altered. Therefore, on May 29th the homes of policemen were searched. The Senator for the Interior, Geisel, has filed suit. All political fractions in the House of Representatives want an investigation before the summer break.


  • Pray for effective, fast investigations, and complete clarification of suspicious elements
  • Pray for rigorous consequences for any mishaps or manipulations

The Discussion Concerning Neutrality

Since January 27, 2005, Article 29 §2 of the Berlin Constitution has been in effect: „Teachers and other employees with a pedagogical mission in the public schools may not display any visible religious or ideological symbols during work which demonstrate to the viewer an affinity to a particular religion or world view, and may not wear any conspicuous religious or ideological clothing. This does not apply to those teaching religion or worldview beliefs.“ ( This law is now being criticized as unconstitutional because of its sweeping nature and strictness. In 2015, the Federal Constitutional Court already declared the wearing of a headscarf as unconstitutional. Now, the case for neutrality is once again very much under discussion because a teacher at a school in Wedding was requested to take off a small cross on a chain worn around her neck. In April, the education minister Sandra Scheeres (SPD) said that she had nothing against a „piece of jewellery“ (Der Tagesspiegel, 4/11/17). The teacher, who had been wearing this necklace without any objections for 12 years despite the neutrality law, followed the request and exchanged the cross for a tiny Christian fish symbol. But the school leadership has responded by saying further discussion with the teacher is necessary. There may be other issues in the background. However, Secretary of State for Education, Mark Rackles (SPD), said in the House of Representatives: „The fish as such is not a problem from a Berlin perspective and can continue to be worn in schools.” (Der Tagesspiegel, 5/28/17)


  • Pray for a change of law which would guarantee personal freedom of belief and conscience, without offending others
  • Pray for good solutions for individual cases

Street Evangelism in the Summer

In the summer months, some Berlin churches as well as organisations and groups such as “Jews for Jesus” are looking for ways to talk with Berlin residents and tourists about faith – through acts of service, street events and creative evangelism.


  • Pray that many Berliners and tourists will be reached and become believers in Jesus

Keeping On – Protection from Terrorism

The Bible says, „Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.“ Let us continue to pray for protection from terrorism, wisdom, for preventative success on the part of security officials, and that potential assassins would turn away from fundamental Islam and encounter the love of Jesus.


  • 6/14, 6-7pm, Prayer for City Politicians at the Rote Rathaus
  • 6/17, 10am-2pm EFG Tempelhofer Damm 133‒137, Vision and Planning Meeting for „EINS ‒ gemeinsam beten, feiern, handeln“ on 1/20/2018, a day of prayer and unity sponsored by the Evangelical Alliance Berlin, Together for Berlin, and others
  • 6/23 5-7pm, Prayer for the Kotti, Adalbertstraße 97, in the Gebetskeller am Kotti

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