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Good News: Campus Siemensstadt

An innovation campus of the Siemens Group is to be created on the old Siemens location. The Senate has agreed with the company on a first concept. The innovation campus is intended to strengthen the competitiveness of Berlin as a business location internationally and to accelerate digital transformation. Modern research and office capacities are to be created on the campus, but also apartments. The group employs about 11,000 people in Berlin and will invest 600 million euros in the first step of the conversion.

  • Thank God for the common concept and the large investment in the future viability of Berlin

Homeless in the Winter

The emergency shelter Lehrter Straße, operated by the Berlin City Mission, is the core of the network of the Berliner Kältehilfe. This emergency system offers 1,000 places in total in the capital – with the sole goal that homeless people do not freeze outside. 500 places were already made available on October 1; the remaining 500 places will be available beginning November 1st. Until the end of April, homeless people will thus be protected from dangerously cold temperatures. The number of homeless people currently living in Berlin on the streets is not known. Estimates range from 4,000 to 5,000, but there are probably more. This network of care includes large institutions such as the City Mission or Caritas, but also many local churches of both main-line denominations and other institutions. Many dozens of volunteers make breakfast, cook, take care of sick people, talk with the guests, and some drive the “Rescue Bus”. People can call the Bus if they see a homeless person suffering from the cold who needs help. The number of the Bus is: 0178 523 58 38 or 030 810 56 04 25. The most important contact point for help against the cold is the Lehrter Straße in the center of the City Mission, because it has the widest range of help. The medical care is very good, because there is a doctor’s office in the complex and many medical staff are available. Above all, wheelchair users will find peace and help here.
After much back-and-forth, the BVG (public transport company) is now opening certain rooms in subway stations at night for the homeless. They had originally rejected this for this winter due hygienic and safety reasons. But those who spend the night in shelters have a better place. The City Mission, for example, takes care of 120 people daily at the Frankfurter Allee S-Bahn and subway station in an air-inflated hall. There are medical helpers, good food every day with a choice of a vegetarian or meat meal, a washing machine, shaving cream, and shower gel. If a facility is full, people – if they want to – can be driven to shelters that still have room. (Source: Tagesspiegel 10/22)


  • Pray for a warm shelter for as many homeless as possible, so they do not freeze to death
  • Pray for further work on the elimination of the causes of homelessness
  • Pray for love, patience and perseverance for the full-time and volunteer helpers
  • Pray for blessing on the work of the Christian institutions, especially the City Mission

Portal for Complaints against Teachers

The Berlin AfD (right wing populist party) activated an online portal on October 22nd. Teachers are to be reported there who are „indoctrinating“ students against the AfD. The Senate Administration and many others have great reservations about such incitement to denounce. School senator Scheeres emphasized that it was „contrary to the school peace“ to make such a portal. In addition, this project brings back fateful memories of practices during the two disastrous dictatorship periods in our country.


  • Pray that possibilities can be found to stop the portal
  • Pray for civic courage among students, teaching staff, supervisors and school authorities

Staff Shortage in Youth Welfare Offices

The youth welfare offices are responsible for many areas, for instance for the advance payment of alimony (applications have increased by 60% since 07/17), supervised living for young people, accommodation of children in foster families, child protection, day care, integration aids for children and adolescents with developmental delays and mental disorders, etc. In each area of responsibility of the Youth Welfare Office, case numbers have risen steadily in recent years, for instance, in integration assistance, as more and more children and adolescents come from dysfunctional families and need help in their development. More and more children need to be taken out of problem families to receive care and new accommodations, or there are unaccompanied minor refugees to look after.

Even if significantly more jobs are provided for these tasks, there are too few new people being hired to compensate for the lack of staff. The reason for this is because there are too few well-trained social workers, educators, administrative staff, etc. and they are under-paid, so that suitable applicants accept other better-paid job offers. In addition, there are too few training places, or they are too expensive.


  • Pray for new ideas for advertising and recruitment of professionals
  • Pray for suitable professionals who accept the job offers
  • Pray that the situation of children and young people in their families of origin improves enough so that they no longer need support

Seven Excellence Clusters in Berlin

The German Research Foundation (DFG) has recently approved seven cluster applications from Berlin. This makes Berlin the most successful region nationwide. Work is now underway on the next step, the joint application, because in mid-December 2018 the application must be submitted to the DFG and the Wissenschaftsrat. An example from the approved clusters is MATH +. It connects the major universities FU, HU and TU with the Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics, as well as the Zuse Institute Berlin in the research and development of new approaches of application-oriented mathematics. Central to this are the mathematic foundations for the use of increasingly large amounts of data in the life and material sciences, energy and network research or the human and social sciences. The aim is to promote technical innovation and a general understanding of social processes.


  • Pray that as a result, Berlin will be more visible as a science location and more profitable for society locally and globally
  • Pray that in science the common will overcome individualism
  • Pray that ultimately the knowledge of God will increase through research

Israeli-German Festival

The Israeli-German Festival took place from October 12 to 18. In small film sequences Berlin Jews told why they came to Berlin and what they have experienced here. However, there is no reasonably uniform Berlin-Jewish identity. People live here for a variety of reasons.


  • Pray for the protection of the diverse Jewish life in Berlin
  • Pray that Israelis and Germans will get to know one another better and be good neighbours

Bridge Renovation

Eleven out of a total of 258 bridges in Berlin for which the federal government is responsible, must be renovated in the foreseeable future due to their poor condition. The bridges are regularly scored on a scale of one to four. Eleven Berlin bridges have received the grade „three“. This rating indicates that a bridge needs to be renovated. This is already planned for most of them. In Berlin there are a total of 1,085 bridges for road, foot or bicycle traffic. The bridges are repeatedly examined with regard to their stability, traffic safety and durability (source: rbb24 10/17).


  • Pray for wise decisions about the date of the renovation and if necessary the closing of bridges
  • Pray for God’s protection from collapse catastrophes

Keeping On: Clan Crime

As part of the cross-departemental overall strategy, the district office Neukölln is launching a district program for dropping out of criminal clan structures. In addition to the direct fight against crime, the exit from these structures should be as simple and attractive as possible. The rule of law should support people in the move to legality.


Nov. 10, 4pm: Solidarity rally for Israel at the Brandenburg Gate  

Nov. 10, 2:30-5:30pm: Evangelical Alliance Berlin Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians, EFG, Tempelhofer Damm 133-137, 12099 B-Tempelhof

Nov. 14, 6pm: Prayer for City Politicians in front of the Rote Rathaus
Dec. 12, 6pm: Chanukka at the Brandenburger Gate, Solidarity event for Jewish life in Berlin


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