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Good News: Attack prevented

It was reported everywhere in the media–The Syrian Jabel Albakr had produced highly explosive explosives and was assumed to have contacts with the IS and to be planning attacks on Berlin airports. He was captured after three Syrians recognized him and tied him up. For years now, we have been praying that attacks being planned in Berlin would be discovered in advance. The press has reported at least six thwarted attacks in the last 10 years.


  • Thank God that the attack was prevented
  • Thank God for the courageous actions of the Syrians and the police
  • Pray for continued protection of our city against terrorist attacks

Integration of Refugees

Thousands of refugees are still accommodated in emergency or mass accommodation. The construction of refugee housing and finding other housing continues to be slow. It would be wonderful if more Berliners, who, for example, had a room free after their own children have left home, would take in a refugee for a year or two.

About half of the refugees who came alone, many of whom are under 25, want to live with Germans for a while so that they can learn German better and be able to integrate better. In November, several initiatives are increasingly seeking to make housing in Berlin available to refugees.


  • Thank God for the many initiatives and individuals who are helping the refugees who are arriving in our city
  • Pray that many Berliners will be willing to let refugees live with them for 1 to 2 years
  • Pray for the success of all the city programs for integration

Monika Grütters takes over as State Chairman of the CDU

After Frank Henkel unexpectedly stepped down as State Chairman of the CDU, the federal Minister for Culture, Monika Grütters (54), declared her candidacy for the position. The election will take place on December 2 at a small party conferethe nce. Following the election defeat, the CDU needs a new start and a leader who would be capable of giving the party a new direction. Soon the work of the CDU as the opposition party in the probable red-green-green Senate coalition will begin.

Grütters was a member of the House of Representatives for 10 years and has been a member of the National Board since 1998. She was the last Vice-Chair of Frank Henkel.

Her political focus has always been cultural policy. She had often been proposed for the state chairmanship, but she declined. It remains to be seen whether Ms Grütters can gain real access to the state CDU association in Berlin, which would also allow her to set a new course.


  • Pray that Mrs Grütters can establish good contact with the state CDU association
  • Pray for God’s wisdom to recognize how the CDU should change in order to serve the city better
  • Pray for protection and blessing during this transition

Berliners are becoming less happy

According to a poll conducted by the German Post, Berlin is far below the average of the Federal Republic and is now, compared to 2015, no longer the “happy” region of Eastern Germany. Reasons for this are mainly dissatisfaction with health and partnership/family. There is greater satisfaction at work.


  • Pray that people will recognize how they can improve relationships
  • Pray that the lack of happiness will lead to a search for God and eternal happiness
  • Pray that Christians can be testimonies of joy in all areas of society

Liquidation of the Kaiser’s Supermarket Chain

Kaiser’s supermarkets will soon no longer exist – the processing of supermarket chain which is no longer economically profitable has begun. There is still a small chance for an agreement on a takeover by Edeka – which would then mean market supremacy by Edeka. Every second supermarket would then belong to this chain. However, it is more likely to be sold to various bidders. Kaiser’s operates about every eighth supermarket in Berlin and has about 8,000 employees in the city. These employees are insecure and anxious about their continued employment


  • Pray that as many employees as possible would keep their jobs after the sale and that there will be no mass layoffs
  • Pray for divine solutions during the ongoing negotiations
  • Pray that the management of all chains involved would recognize what serves the good of the community

Street Crime

In recent months, the area around the Kottbusser Tor subway station had been in the headlines a lot due to increasing crime, but now dangerous crimes are being committed throughout the city. BVG Buses on the Alexanderplatz and in Friedrichshain have been shot at.  At the end of a ride from Kreuzberg to Reinickendorf, a taxi driver was hit in the face and threatened with a knife instead of being paid. In Wedding, a woman who had refused to put up with demeaning remarks about women was kicked in the back and face. In Lichtenrade, for the first time in Berlin, two horror clowns attacked a passer-by. Copying a phenomenon, which first appeared in the USA, people disguise themselves as creepy clowns, who frighten passers-by, or threaten or even hurt them. The police are warning of copy-cats.


  • Pray that the environment for the growth of violence and darkness will diminish
  • Pray for the protection of passers-by
  • Pray for wisdom for the police and that their measures will be effective

AFD City Councils in 7 Districts

Following the elections, a challenge has arisen in that 7 Berlin districts the AFD received so many votes that they can nominate their own district councillors. These districts are Pankow, Lichtenberg, Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Treptow-Köpenick, Spandau, Reinickendorf and Neukölln. In the districts, City Councillors must be elected by all parties. Some district politicians have already indicated that they will not vote for the AFD candidates; others want to try to come to terms and give AFD the chance to show if they are up to carrying the responsibility


  • Pray that viable district parliaments will be elected
  • Pray that no extremists come into positions of responsibility
  • Pray that xenophobia and racism will not be supported politically

Keeping On: Görlitzer Park

The problem of the drug trade in the Görlitz Park remains unchanged, despite the intensified police controls and the rigorous dealing with even small drug-related crimes. The dealers were not pushed out, but just simply developed new strategies to trick the police.


  • Pray that the police find an effective strategy

Co-authors wanted

Currently three women, each of whom carry many other responsibilities, work on the prayer mail.

We are looking for people who are interested in the political, social, and church concerns of the city to strengthen our team by writing articles.

If you are interested, please contact us:


  • Nov 9, 6-7 pm Prayer for city politicians at the Rote Rathaus
  • Nov 8, 6:30-7:30 pm Forum: Prayer for Refugees, Haus Leo, Stadtmission am Hauptbahnhof
  • Nov 24, 5-7pm Prayer for the Kotti, Adalbertstraße 97, in the Gebetskeller