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Good News: March for Life

Nearly 7,500 people participated this year in the March for Life to call attention to the thousand-fold killing of unborn children in the womb. The demonstration was largely undisturbed, also thanks to the good work of the police, who shielded the march from the counter-demonstrators. Nevertheless the hatred against the peaceful demonstrators expressed by the counter-demonstrators was frightening. People from the Green Party and the SPD, including Mayor Müller, aligned themselves with the counter-demonstrators.


  • Thank God for the increasing willingness of people to stand up for the unborn
  • Pray for more political measures to protect the unborn
  • Pray for a change in attitude in society to let children live

Good News: Money for School Renovation

A total of 31.58 million Euros have been earmarked in the German investment plan for renovation and construction of schools for the coming year. Actually construction of schools the responsibility of the districts, but if there are large projects, they can apply for state funding. Renovation of a primary school in Weißensee and some others and construction of Clay High School in Neukölln are planned.


  • Thank God for the financial commitments
  • Pray for wisdom in planning, efficient construction, and protection against wrong decisions

Berlin after the election

In this election, a lot of previous non-voters were mobilized, and so the turnout was nearly 67%. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) profited the most from this, reaching 14.2% from the start. Just as had been the case in other areas, Berlin’s elections made it clear that the major political parties are declining so strongly – SPD (21.6%) and CDU (17.6%) – that a large coalition is no longer sufficient for a majority. Both the SPD and the CDU suffered heavy losses. The SPD is now striving for a Red-Red-Green government. Exploratory talks have already begun. They probably will take quite a while.

There are a number of issues where the parties do not agree. These include education and security, the debt reduction, increasing the business tax, a strict night-flight ban at BER Airport, BVG fares, the A100, dealing with drugs, as well as the future of the ICC and the Alexanderplatz. In a coalition agreement, the political work for the next 5 years is broadly determined. This means that prayer for these negotiations is particularly important. In addition, Senate positions are also being considered.


  • Pray that a coalition can be formed which is able to work and to govern
  • Pray that it will be clear during the coalition negotiations which solutions should be implemented for the problems of our city
  • Pray for the selection of suitable senators

The Opposition

By October 27, the Parliament must be able to act and the parliamentary parties must be formed. They need a party chairman, a vice-chairman, parliamentary secretary, and representatives who work in the Presidium and in the Council of Elders of Parliament.

Because of the election loss, Frank Henkel will give up the chairmanship of the Parliamentary party and the national chair of the CDU. After only one legislative term, the Pirates did not pass the test and are no longer in the House. The AFD, which has no experience in parliamentary work will now be made “aware of their responsibilities”.

The CDU, FDP and AfD will probably form the opposition in Parliament. But the AFD, which continues to be close to the extreme right, does not want to work with any of the established parties.


  • Pray for suitable professional people who are committed to work actively and effectively for the good of the city
  • Pray for wisdom for the other parties in dealing with the AfD
  • Pray for a new high-profile chairman for the CDU

House of Statistics

The huge, 40,000 square meters House of Statistics at Alexanderplatz has been standing empty for over 8 years. The initiative House of Statistics and the district Mitte wants to convert the buildings into a combination of housing for refugees, students, seniors, etc. and work and meetings spaces for art, culture, and education.

An investor to finance the project has already been found. However the federal government, the state of Berlin and the Berlin Finance Senator Dr. Kollatz must agree. Dr. Kollatz would rather use the building as the site of the tax authorities. The future of the House of Statistics will probably also be discussed in the coalition negotiations.


  • Thank God for creative ideas for integration and interaction
  • Pray that the financial Senators will be willing to let the Initiative have the House of Statistics
  • Pray for the creation and implementation of further creative and viable projects for integration

House of One

For many years, plans have existed to launch a model for peaceful coexistence and the unity of the three monotheistic religions on the site where the St. Peter’s Church once stood. Pastor G. Hohberg from the Petri-Mariengemeinde is the impetus for this project because the Petri Church on whose foundations the church is to be built belongs to the Protestant (Lutheran) Church. A church, a synagogue and a mosque are to be built under one roof. In addition, a fourth room is planned for joint discussions. The three religious communities want to pray and hold worship services in their respective traditions in the “Prayer and Study House”. An association has been trying for years to raise funds, but hardly any money has been raised. In September, the Federal Building Minister Barbara Hendrik (SDP) handed over € 2.2 million. Thus, the association currently has € 4.4 million available, but € 43.5 million are needed. Construction is to begin in 2019.

From the Muslim side, the project is supported solely by the „Forum for Intercultural Dialogue“, which belongs to the network of the controversial preacher Fethullah Gülen. He wants to promote the spread of Islam, especially through the educational system. More Info:


  • Pray that only the name of Jesus will be honoured at this location and that the project will be changed again
  • Pray that there will be no mixing of religions
  • Pray that background information about the Gülen movement will come to light

Keeping On: Christians being mobbed

Christian refugees continue to experience bullying and violence by other refugees or security forces in Berlin’s refugee housing. They report that they are threatened, or stolen from, or physically forced to attend Islamic prayer. There is a lack effective political or other measures to protect Christians.

Keeping On: Protection from Terror

The Bible says, „Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchmen watch in vain.“ Berlin faces terror attacks from the right in the form of attacks against refugees and their accommodations. But there is also terror from the left in the form of arson attacks against cars and police facilities. And there is always the threat of Islamist terrorist attacks against the entire Western society. Let us continue to thank God for the protection we have experienced and continue to pray that potential perpetrators will experience a turn-around and that God will protect our city.

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