Download PDF: [Prayer for Berlin – July/August 2016]

Good News: Low Unemployment

Only 9.7% unemployed: The number of unemployed in Berlin has fallen below 10% for the first time since the fall of the wall in 1990. Jobs have been created mainly in the transport and tourism sectors, but also in trade and services. Even start-ups are creating new jobs.

But there are still 181,166 people in Berlin out of work. Many of the refugees are also looking for places to study at universities, training positions, and jobs.


  • Thank God for the revival of the economy and for new jobs
  • Pray for a good development of the labour market – especially for those who have previously had very little chance of finding employment

Smart City

The Robert Koch Forum on Dorotheenstraße / corner Wilhelmstrasse is to be a central location from which Berlin will prepare the way to be the digital capital. In the capital there are many start-ups and academic institutions that are working to develop digital concepts.

Mayor Miller and the President of the Technical University Christian Thomsen have already submitted a 10-point plan about how Berlin is to be developed into the digital capital. An “Einstein Centre Digital Future“ is to be set up with funds from a foundation.

In the Robert Koch Forum there will places more than 30 professors and more than 50 IT researchers. The research will be connected with the four universities in Berlin TU, FU, HU and UdK. The project launch is targeted for the fall of 2017.


  • Thank God for this pioneer project
  • Pray for divinely inspired inventions
  • Pray that practical IT solutions can be developed

District Politicians

There is a district assembly in each district. Local politics is an important work in miniature where which achievements often fail. Local politicians know their neighbourhoods and know what the district really needs, but because Berlin is both a city and a state, there is a two-step administration: The Senate is at the top, the districts are at the bottom.

The district assemblies can therefore hardly ever make independent decisions. There are always disputes about money, staff, and responsibilities between the State of Berlin and the districts. They receive allocation funding from the Senate, but 80% of the budget is spent on social benefits and other mandatory tasks.

Only a small part remains with which the district council can independently do something. Outdated computers and investments which cannot be made for a variety of reasons inhibit the work of the staff in the districts.


  • Thank God for all those who participate in politics in the districts
  • Pray for more finances that can actually be used
  • Pray that urgent modernization measures can be implemented

Al- Quds- Demonstration on July 2

On July 2, 2016 at the end of Ramadan, the “Al-Quds Demonstration” will take place in Berlin for the twentieth time.

This day, on which the “liberation of Jerusalem from the Zionist occupiers” is called for, was introduced as a national holiday in Iran in 1979. It is about the conquest of Jerusalem and the destruction of Israel. Again and again, this demo is accompanied by anti-Semitic hate speech, including calling out for the death of Jews and Israel. ( Christians will be meeting meet on site for prayer (see dates).


  • Pray that anti-Semitic slogans in public will be stopped by all legal means
  • Pray for more solidarity with Israel and Jews among the population
  • Pray for blessing for all the Jewish people who live in Berlin

Preparations for Elections

A new software will be used for the first time in Berlin in the upcoming elections. It has been tested time and again in recent months. The initial problems have reportedly now been removed.

Nevertheless, there are still other hurdles to overcome in preparation for the elections. There are not enough volunteers for the elections. In addition, the Bürgerämter are overloaded. Anyone who wants to register his residence in Berlin often has to wait for months, but residence registration is a prerequisite for participation in the election.


  • Pray that obstacles can be overcome
  • Pray that the problems in the Bürgerämter can be solved quickly
  • Pray for enough volunteers for the election

Summer Holidays

Many people are on holiday in July / August—including our editorial team. Therefore this prayer news is for two months.


  • That people can relax and be refreshed, whether in Berlin or elsewhere
  • Pray that couples, families and friends will come closer together during this time
  • That Berliners will encounter God during their holiday

Keeping On: Refugees

Some procedures were improved in recent months. But still, tens of thousands of refugees are living in gyms. They want to move to a room in a shared flat or live with a German family. They have to wait a long time for papers and financing and have a longing to actually really “arrive”.

Many minorities are experiencing discrimination, especially in large refugee housing.


  • Pray for creation of housing
  • Pray that bureaucracy can be reduced
  • Pray for successful integration

Protection from Terrorism

The Bible says, „Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchmen watch in vain.“ In Berlin there is a terrorism threat in the form of right-wing extremist attacks against refugees and their housing. But there is also a terrorism threat from left-wing arson attacks against cars and police facilities. And there continues to be a terrorism threat in the form of Islamist terrorist attacks against the entire Western society.


  • Thank God for His protection
  • Pray that possible terrorists would turn around
  • Pray for God’s protection for our city


  • July 2, 1pm Onsite Prayer at the Al Quds-Tag-Demo Meeting Point: Adenauerplatz in front of the Apotheke on the corner of Kurfürstendamm
  • July 13, 6pm and August 10, 6pm: Prayer for City Politicians at the Rote Rathaus
  • July 20-24, 2-6pm: „Ick brauch keen Hawai“ (I don’t need Hawaii) A church tent will open at 6:30. Contact for helpers and prayer partners: