Download PDF: [Prayer for Berlin – May 2016]

Good News: Raid in Large Brothel

A large raid in “Artemis”, the largest brothel in Berlin, and at 16 further addresses was obviously successful.

According to police investigation, the prostitutes at “Artemis”, which is directly on the city-ring exit Kurfürstendamm, were not working independently but were rather forced to work for a common authority. Massive tax fraud (23 million Euros), forced prostitution and human trafficking are suspected.

Six arrest warrants – including some against the two operators – have been issued. They wanted to open another large brothel near the planned BER airport.

The evidence which was seized is now being evaluated, but the brothel is still open.


  • Thank God for this blow to human trafficking and the exploitation of women
  • Pray for further successful action against forced prostitution and human trafficking in Berlin
  • Pray that the “Artemis” will be closed and that no further large brothels will be opened

Integration Concept

The Berlin Senate’s “Master Plan Integration and Safety” was finalized. The action points include: Integration into the workplace, good education and training, creation of housing, and prevention of segregation (exclusion of a minority), more security and active prevention, as well as an open and inclusive urban community.

This includes, among other things, the establishment of a State Office for Refugee Affairs. The Council of the Mayor agrees in principle, but calls for in-depth development in all areas and financial and personnel support for the districts.

In addition, the federal government drafted an Integration Act, which is to be adopted by the Bundestag before the summer break.


  • Pray for wisdom in the development and discussion of these integration concepts
  • Pray for effective implementation according to Christian values in all fields
  • Pray for a “coming-together“ in society

Criminal Clans and Difficult Neighborhoods

The daily newspaper “Die Welt” recently published an article with the title, “The Capital is Lost”.

The article explained, “Criminal Arab extended families dominate entire neighborhoods, especially in Berlin. Now they are recruiting in refugee camps. Their main argument: Even in prison, it is better than war.”

Although most Berliners feel that is exaggerated, there is a real problem. Approximately 40% of organized crime such as gambling, robberies, and extortion in Berlin is in the hands of about six Arab extended families. The clan has committed sensational crimes in the past, such as the jewelry robbery in KaDeWe (a high-price shopping center) in broad daylight and possibly bomb attacks on the car of a „competitor“. Recently they have been increasingly recruiting disappointed and bored young men in refugee camps.

In a major raid in May eight members of a clan were arrested. The success was possible because the police had received insider information. People are beginning to speak of “lawless areas” in neighborhoods with a high percentage of immigrants. In fact, the police can venture into some streets only in large numbers, because some of the residents side with those being controlled or arrested. These circumstances however cannot be compared with those areas being used by terrorists for shelter in Paris and Brussels.


  • Let us believe and pray that the capital is not lost!
  • Thank God for this blow against organized crime
  • Pray for continued success for police against organized crime
  • Pray that plans to recruit refugees will fail
  • Pray for the prevention of „lawless areas“

Christian School “Christburg Campus” is growing

Evangelical pre-schools and schools in Berlin provide education from infancy through to 10th grade, and in 2017 the first 11th grade class will be formed, leading to graduation.

In addition to the established locations in Prenzlauer Berg, Spandau and Hellersdorf, another pre-school will be opened in Moabit this year in collaboration with the Reformation Campus at the Reformationskirche. Particularly in the deprived areas of Hellersdorf and Spandau and in the new location of Mobait, the children and families are faced with huge family challenges.

The Christburg campus is grateful for prayers for its employees and the children entrusted to them. Because of the growth, the school is continually looking for teachers. More information can be found at:


  • Pray for successful establishment of new pre-schools
  • Pray for the special challenges of schools in deprived areas
  • Pray for more Christian teachers

Elections in September

Elections for the state parliament will be held in Berlin on September 18. The SPD (Social Democrats) and Left have finalized their campaign platforms. In the last election, the “Pirate Party” made the desired coalition impossible; in the coming election, it will be the strength of the AFD (Alternative for Germany) which will play a crucial role.

SPD and CDU (Christian Democrats) could possibly no longer have a government majority, so three-party coalitions are being explored (red-red-green or red-black-green).

Within the SPD the balance of power in the leadership is currently changing. Mayor Michael Müller now took over the post of party chairman. The former chairman, Jan Stöß, who was displaced by Müller in 2012 has decided not to run. The parliamentary chairman Raed Saleh supports Müller’s candidacy.

In May, 2011 before the election for the House of Representatives a regular prayer meeting began, which developed into the current monthly prayer for city politicians in front of the Rotes Rathaus. The upcoming election also needs to be bathed in prayer.


  • Pray that different approaches of the parties will be explained clearly in the media
  • Pray that hidden or malicious plans come to light and that God’s Spirit will bring things about the candidates to light
  • Pray that more Christians will be in prayer for the elections

Keeping On: “Kotti” and “Görli“

The area between the Kottbusser Tor (“Kotti”) and Görlitzer Park (“Görlki”) is a stronghold for pickpockets and drug trafficking. The number of incidents has increased in recent months.

Tradespeople, residents and police seem powerless. Divine intervention and better police tactics are needed to bring positive change.


  • Pray for protection for residents and bystanders from violence, drugs, and robbery
  • Pray for effective strategies for monitoring and bringing peace to the area
  • Pray for effective on-site prayer
  • Pray that key figures in the scene will come to Christ


May 9, 6pm: Prayer for city politicians in front of the Rotes Rathaus.