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Good News: 10.5 Percent Unemployment

The number of unemployed in Berlin fell further in June. 191,613 Berlin residents were registered as unemployed, which is 4,740 less than in May and 9,577 less than a year ago. The unemployment rate fell by 0.3 points to 10.5 percent. A year ago, the unemployment rate was 11 percent. There are also more vocational training places available – in some areas, so many that they cannot all be filled.

CablesGood News: BER – Cables unravelled

Shortly before the originally scheduled opening of the airport, many cables were laid in a hurry – which led to an almost unimaginable clutter. The cables were unravelled in May–an important milestone on the way to completion of the airport!

Berlin CDU Members to vote on „Gay Marriage“

Since the state of Lower Saxony introduced a resolution on equality for homosexual partnerships with marriage in the Bundesrat, the Berlin SPD has wanted vote for the motion, but the coalition partner CDU was against it. The CDU first wants to conduct a survey among its members. Same-sex partners in so-called “gay marriages” want to have the same rights as civil marriages. Same-sex couples want to be acknowledged in society in addition to being granted equal rights and full legal recognition by the State. Currently these couples can become a registered partnership. In Germany, there are 78,000 such partnerships – compared to 18 million marriages (in 2013). This initiative calls for the federal government to end the “discrimination of existing registered life partnerships and to establish the full equality of opposite and same-sex marriages in all federal law.” This would broaden the definition of marriage by amending the Civil Code and create full adoption rights for same-sex couples.

The Berlin CDU has decided to carry out a member survey on this issue by July 23. They are the first regional association of the CDU to ask its members about this issue. Prominent CDU members are voicing both pro and contra opinions on the issue. The result will be closely watched by entire country. Other regional associations of the CDU are already showing a strong interest in this way of forming an opinion. 4Prayer:

  • Pray that the opportunity to form a clear personal opinion will not be affected in advance by defamation
  • Pray that many will participate in the vote
  • Pray for more controversial discussion on this issue in the media

Al Quds Demonstration on July 11

The so-called “Al-Quds Demonstration” takes place annually on Jerusalem-Day in Berlin City West. This year, it will be held on July 11. Last year, this demonstration was accompanied by anti-Semitic hate speeches including death threats against Israel and Jews. A significant police presence was necessary. The public outrage was great. The Day was introduced in Iran in 1979 as a national holiday on which the “liberation of Jerusalem from Zionist occupation” is called for. Soon after, the Hezbollah (which is being watched by German intelligence) began a similar “day” in the form of a demonstration here. There are always one or more anti-fascist or Christian-Jewish rallies against the demonstration, which call for solidarity with Israel and Jews.


  • Pray that anti-Semitic slogans in public will be curbed by all legal means
  • Pray for the prevention of clashes between the two groups
  • Pray for solidarity with Israel and Jews

Berlin: German Silicon Valley?

Berlin is attracting more and more European Technology innovators. Less than a year ago, Germany’s largest start-up campus, the „Factory“, was opened. This centre for internet companies has been so successful that it has now presented a massive expansion plan. By the end of 2016, the „Factory“ will offer more than 100,000 square meters of office space, and then in the coming years expand to about ten times as much. At the moment all of the office space has been leased. Meanwhile Berlin is already being called the new Silicon Valley of Europe. Start-ups have different needs and therefore services such as car sharing and legal and tax advice will continue to be offered. There are co-working spaces, where the individual founders can get to know a lot of other creative minds. Such a creative community is much-appreciated and is also necessary for the small companies to gain investors. A lot of support is needed in order to develop successful business models. Therefore, cooperation with German industry is being promoted, so that large corporations can finance the new digital business models with their billions. That should bring benefits to both sides.


  • Thank God for the positive development of creative start-ups
  • Pray for a successful integration of finances and knowledge between major industrial companies and small start-ups
  • Pray that God will give creative developments that will bless many people

ProChrist Live in Spandau

From October 12-16, ProChrist Live 2015 will take place in the Vineyard Gnadenkirche, Jaczostr. 52, 13595 Berlin–Spandau. This is the only venue for ProChrist Live in the Berlin area. They will begin each evening at 7pm. Pastor Alexander Garth will be speaking. Previously, the event was carried live via satellite to a variety of places, but this year’s event will take place live from October 3 to November 11 in about 100 places all over Germany (as well as in some places in Switzerland and Austria). The program includes elements such as music, singing, skits and interviews. The main part of the evening is a lecture which concludes with an invitation to faith. Prof. Dr. Angelika Beer, Dr. Irmhild Baerend, and the master baker Dietmar Plentz have confirmed their participation as interview-partners.


  • Pray for success in preparations and public-relations work
  • Pray for successful personal invitations

An App for Berlin’s Babies

Good news–the number of births in Berlin continues to grow rapidly. 28,000 babies were born in Berlin in 2003. In 2013 35,000 were born! In 2014 the number of births increased even more. The Senator for Health and Social Affairs, Mario Czaja (CDU), recently presented the newly-developed „baby-Berlin-app“. This program combines all the offers surrounding giving birth and provides at a glance all important information, dates, deadlines and addresses for all 12 districts of Berlin. The app is divided into different categories such as health, employment, government agencies, and finances, which makes it easier for expecting parents to get answers to all their questions surrounding the new child, from health issues to governmental authorities.

For questions such as governmental child support money, child-care allowance, vouchers for child-care, etc. foreigners now have an effective aid, since the app is available in several languages. For more information visit


  • Thank God for the growing number of births, and ask Him for his blessings on all new-borns
  • Pray that many will use this new app so that help can be found
  • Pray for wisdom and more creative ideas for the area that Senator Czaja is responsible for

Keeping On: Refugees

The influx of refugees to Berlin continues unabated. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find housing for initial reception and also apartments for long-term housing. The conditions are often catastrophic. The Senate office which is responsible to find housing was apparently overwhelmed, resulting in illegal rental contracts and the transfer of the head of the department. Let us continue to pray that new and decent housing can be found – and for an expansion of the welcoming culture in the districts where there is already good involvement in many places.

Expansion of the Editorial Team

If you are interested in politics and are well-informed, if you follow the news in Berlin about politics and the city with an attentive spiritual “eye”, if you pray about what you see and read—then you’re just the right person for the editorial team of our prayer mail. Our small online editorial team consisting of three people (Rosemarie Stresemann, Kerstin Hack, Axel Nehlsen) is looking for more people who would pray and think and then write with us. Please join with us:


  • Thank God for 13 years of the Berlin prayer mail

Pray for a successful expansion of the team


  • July 8 and August 12, 6pm Prayer for city politicians in front of the Rote Rathaus