Download PDF: [Prayer for Berlin – December 2014/January 2015]

Good News: Celebration of the Fall of the Wall

Thousands celebrated the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall peacefully and happily. The pictures of the celebrations went around the world. Together for Berlin took part in the “Border of Light”, which retraced the 15 km-long course of the Wall within the city using thousands of illuminated balloons. Together for Berlin balloon sponsors let go of their balloons and prayed and worshiped at the site of the former border crossing on the Heinrich-Heine-Straße.

Thank God

  • for a wonderful celebration and the good weather
  • that a „secular message” of lightness and light was sent out from Berlin

Good News: Active Christians

More and more Christians are taking responsibility in their districts and are looking for ways to reach people in their neighbourhoods. An example: The „Schatzkästchen“ (Treasure Chest) in Siemensstadt, a cafe-shop that sells art. Concerts, lectures, hands-on events take place there, and the shop also provides a place for discussion and prayer.

On December 13th, from 1-5pm there will be a Christmas market with art and live music: Rohrdamm 46, 13629 Berlin


  • Thank God for Christians who are getting involved in their districts
  • Pray for good encounters with people who are still far away from faith

Advent and Christmas Activities

Christmas – Jesus is born. People – whether they like it or not – are confronted with a holiday which has Christian roots. The beautiful side of the celebration with gifts and the Christmas mood has also become established in our secular culture. Many people today are looking for peace, for refuge, and for their inner selves. What they are actually looking for is the love of God in Jesus. At Christmas, God invites us Christians to be alert and to tell others about Jesus. What a great time to show people what they are longing to hear about! What a wonderful occasion to encounter people with the love of God which He has shown us through the birth of Jesus and to introduce them to Jesus! There are several activities at Christmas markets and shopping centres designed to do just that. Two of them are on Saturday, Dec. 6, from 10:00 on as part of the international event called  „winter 2go“ on the Alexanderplatz (meeting place Every Nation Church, Heinrich-Roller-Str 13, 10405 Berlin, register at:  ) and in the Märkische Viertel (meeting place Apostel-Petrus-Gemeinde, Wilhelmsruher Damm 163, Registration: Both events will begin with worship, instruction, and encouragement to bring the love of God to the people.


  • Pray for courage and sensitivity for these street evangelism events
  • Pray for open ears and prepared hearts

New Mayor and Senators

Michael Müller - Foto von Wikipedia

Michael Müller – Source: Wikipedia

On December 11 in the Berlin House of Representatives, the former Urban Development Senator Michael Muller is due to be chosen as the successor to Klaus Wowereit, who resigned as ruling mayor. Wowereit is stepping down after 13 years of government – and two years before the next parliamentary election in 2016.

Finance Senator Ulrich Nussbaum (independent) will also give up his position. Müller nominated Matthias Kollatz-Tree (SPD), former Vice President of the European Investment-Bank, as the new Finance Senator. He introduced himself as “someone with experience in administration, business and in the financial sector.” Berlin is facing many challenges, but it has also come a long way in recent years. However, it will not be easy because of the debt brake which will begin in 2020.

Andreas Geisel (SPD), the experienced local politician and district mayor of Lichtenberg, who has been in the City Council since 1995, will become the new Urban Development Senator. Geisel declared that he will work towards bringing affordable housing to the market in order to slow down the rise in rent in Berlin.


  • Pray for God’s blessing for the start of the new Mayor and the two Senators
  • Pray for successful cooperation within the coalition with the CDU
  • Pray for favour and creative ideas for both Senators

Plastination Museum under TV Tower

The permanent exhibition of plastinated corpses by Gunther von Hagens at the foot of the TV tower will not open as originally planned in December. The physician’s team said on Monday, „Out of respect for the court, we have decided to wait until the hearing against Berlin Mitte’s public health department on December 16th“. The construction work for the world’s first plastination museum at the foot of the television tower with 200 partial-body and 20 full-body plastinated specimens has been in full swing for weeks. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of an opening in January, but the organizers did not mention a new opening-date. They obviously want to make the opening dependent on the results of the court-hearing and the political conflict situation in the district. In Germany burial of the dead and the peace of the dead are mandatory. This ruling can be set aside only for the examination of corpses for research and for criminal forensic investigations.  (Source: Tagesspiegel, Nov. 17, 2014)


  • Pray that models that reflect God’s love for this city will find a place
  • Pray that investors who support such ideas can be found
  • Pray that the rooms at the foot of the TV tower will be filled with life

Job Category: Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy professions have a wide range of work areas, for instance in therapies for children with AD(H)S or dyslexia (difficulties in reading and writing), which are usually on a regular outpatient basis. In addition to general professional competence, therapists need creative ideas and a „knack“ for dealing with children and young people who are often ashamed because of their „weakness“ (for example because of bullying) and have a negative self-image.

In the field of neurology, patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, dementia or injury resulting from stroke are treated, usually beginning while they are still in the hospital. The goal is the restoration of independence for everyday actions such as eating and personal hygiene. Patience plays a major role in the recovery process. The therapist must also be able to view each patient as an individual and develop an individual treatment plan for each patient, most of whom are elderly. This is often impeded by under-staffing and lack of time. Hospitals must function as commercial enterprises and are under cost pressure.

Quite often Christians are active in jobs in the health industry. It is a great joy when patients progress and integrate the help into their everyday life. God desires that people feel valuable despite physical or mental limitations.


  • Pray that patients will experience their value before God and man in new ways
  • Pray that financial and political conditions will improve

Evangelical Alliance Week of Prayer

„Jesus teaches us to pray – The Lord’s Prayer“ is the theme of the Week of Prayer 2015. This model prayer, which Jesus gave to his disciples and Christianity as a whole, teaches how to pray simply and expectantly outside denominational boundaries. The theme is an opportunity to communicate to the public that we pray, how we pray, and what we pray for. This is especially true for public prayer meetings, such as those which take place in Berlin—for instance in town hall of the district Reinickendorf, or in schools or hospitals. This year, the inspirational thoughts about the theme (which will be same for all of Europe) come from Africa. This is a good reminder to involve more brothers and sisters from immigrant communities. All events are listed at

There are two city wide events: Concert of Prayer – Youth Berlin, Jan. 16, 7pm, Christus Kirche Berlin, Anklamer Str. 31, 10115 Berlin and Closing Worship Service, Jan. 18, 4pm, Ev. Freikirchliche Gemeinde, Tempelhofer Damm 133-137, 12099 Berlin. Sermon by Wolfgang Baake, representative of the German Evangelical Alliance the German Bundestag in Berlin


  • Pray for dynamic and joyful prayer meetings
  • Pray that unity among Christians in Berlin would be strengthened
  • Pray for a good impact of the public prayer meetings


  • December 12, 6:30pm, prayer service for Berlin’s prisons, Berlin Stadtmission Centre, at main train station, Lehrter Str. 6, 10557 Berlin
  • December 10, 6pm, prayer for politicians, meeting-place in front of the Rote Rathaus
  • January 11-18: Week of Prayer sponsored by the Evangelical Alliance taking place in about 100 locations in Berlin
  • January 14, 6pm, prayer for politicians, possibly in the Berlin Parliament