Download PDF: [Prayer for Berlin – July/August 2014]

Good News: More Jobs

The number of employed people in Berlin has been increasing in recent years at a higher rate than the national average – which is largely a result of the good economic development in the city. In 2013 approximately 34,000 new jobs were created in the capital city. During the first quarter of 2014, Berlin once again had the largest growth in employment among all the states of Germany. Employment rose by 1.4%


  • Thank God for the positive development and pray that unemployment will continue to decrease

Occupation Groups: Teachers

Foto:’s no question that teaching is more than just transferring knowledge. Development of students’ personalities is not part of the lesson plan, but it is nevertheless no less important than teaching the subject matter – and often it’s even more difficult. Teachers are role models and counsellors for children, youth, and parents. Students are supposed to get a well-rounded education. Teachers have much to do and are required to be competent in many areas. The number of children needing personal help during school is growing. Youth in puberty need both sensitivity as well as firm direction.

In addition, petty crime in the form of violence and drugs is present in many of Berlin’s schools. In past years, an increasing number of new school reforms have irritated teachers, students, and parents, some of whom who opposed these new rulings or were not prepared well. In some cases there were too few personnel to implement the changes. (For example, including disabled students). It’s important to retain one’s joy in working with students even when problems arise. An open atmosphere and successful communication are the prerequisites for enjoyable surroundings that lend themselves to learning and development.

Currently there is an acute shortage of teachers. The Senate is actively recruiting new teachers. In addition, the condition of school buildings is getting worse.


  • Pray that schools will be furnished better and be more adequately staffed
  • Pray that highly motivated young men and women who find joy in teaching and the courage to be good role models will become teachers
  • Pray that schools will have more freedom to design their own concepts according to the needs of their districts
  • Pray for effective drug information programmes and counselling and anti-violence strategies for teachers

Vacation and school holidays

Summer is traditionally a time for family vacations, which provide the opportunity to strengthen family ties. On the other hand, summer vacation time is often a time during which pent-up tensions and conflicts which have not been dealt with erupt. It is not an easy time for many singles—they need good alternatives or the right person to travel with if they don’t want to go on vacation alone.

The summer months can also be difficult for the unemployed and socially deprived, because they have no money to travel and have to stay at home. There are many activities available in the city for children that cannot go away on holiday. Churches are also sponsoring activities where kids can bring their non-Christian friends. This is an excellent opportunity to acquaint people with the gospel.


  • Pray for nice, relaxing, and interactive holidays for families, couples, and friends who are going away together
  • Pray that those who are tired and worn out –especially those who have leadership responsibilities– will recuperate
  • Pray that many children and adults will come to Christ during Christian retreats

Summer Events

Christian groups and churches will once again be sponsoring creative and charitable events in the city to share Jesus with people, to serve the people, and to pray for them. As reported, July 9-13 Tempelhofer Feld (Entrance Neukölln Oderstraße) “Ich brauch keen Hawaii“ (I don’t need Hawaii), creative evangelism 2-6pm: creative entertainment and church tent. During the evenings, the gospel will be presented in various ways (target group 16-26 years old) Information: If you spontaneously want to help, contact:

Among others, the group “Jews for Jesus” will once again be on the streets of Berlin. Following a period of training, Jews and non-Jews who believe in Jesus will be sponsoring events from July 7-19. Churches are invited to help and take part:


  • Pray that God will bring people who are open to Him in contact with Christians
  • Pray for wisdom for those sponsoring events to find the right way to approach people
  • Pray that God will prepare hearts to be touched and drawn to Him
  • Pray for good weather and protection for all activities

Prayer for Muslims

Christians all over the world and in Berlin will be praying for Muslims to meet Jesus during ”30 Days of Prayer for the Islamic World“ during Islamic Ramadan, the month of fasting (June 28-July 27). Ramadan is a time of spiritual searching for many Muslims. Dreams are very meaningful for Muslims. There are many reports of people meeting Jesus in dreams and deciding to follow Him.

According to the statistics of the regional authorities, 249,000 Muslims were living in Berlin in 2013. Many of them have never met a Christian, and many do not know much about Christianity. The prayer brochure can be ordered at or downloaded at:


  • Pray that many Christians will take part in this prayer campaign
  • Pray that Muslims in Berlin will encounter Jesus during Ramadan
  • Pray for the few Christians in Berlin who come from Muslim countries–for wisdom and perseverance to share the gospel with their fellow countrymen

Moving all Governmental Departments to Berlin

According to press reports, the Federal Institute for Real Estate is preparing for a possible move of all governmental agencies from Bonn to Berlin. The Federal Institute, which administers the federal properties, thinks there is already enough room for all employees and offices. 10,500 governmental employees work in Berlin. 6,900 are still working in Bonn.

The division resulted from the Berlin-Bonn law in 1994, which declared that each governmental department had to have a registered office in both Berlin and Bonn. Only the Federal Parliament can change this decision. More and more Representatives and ministers are finding this arrangement ineffective. It also uses up a lot of tax money, which is used to pay for staff to travel back and forth between Berlin and Bonn.


  • Pray for a new Parliament decision so that all governmental offices can move to Berlin
  • Pray that God will bless all personnel in governmental departments

No End to Difficulties in Sight for BER Airport

Files about the BER airport were disposed of in two trash containers on a street in Berlin-Lichtenberg. According to official reports, they contained highly sensitive information. According to their findings, investigators assume that they originated in an architect’s office nearby, which was part of the earlier planning association which had been in charge of site supervision for the BER, but had been discharged in 2012 by the Operating Agency following the failed opening. The architect’s office went bankrupt in 2013.

In the meantime there are more accurate numbers about the costs—For the first time, in a report to the Project Committee of the Supervisory Board, details are shown of the sums needed to possibly finish the BER airport. They are around a million Euros higher than planned.


  • Pray for protection from further mishaps
  • Pray for a truthful handling of finances and planning documents
  • Pray that those in charge will deal ethically and truthfully with finances and planning documents

Keeping On: Refugees

On June 24, the “eviction“ of the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule in Kreuzberg began. For the last one and a half years, refugees have been housed or taken refuge there although the conditions were extremely bad. The Senate and the district agreed to end the untenable conditions and move the residents to better housing, but not are all willing to go voluntarily. In addition, demonstrations against the “eviction” have been sponsored by supporting groups. Please continue to pray for non-violent and humane solutions.


  • July 1, 6:30pm, Prayer meeting for refugees, Seminar room Haus Leo, Berliner Stadtmission, Seydlitzstraße 22,10557 Berlin
  • July 9, 6pm Prayer for city politicians in front of the Rote Rathaus