Download PDF: [Prayer for Berlin June 2014]

Good News 1: Fewer Abortions

The number of abortions in Berlin in 2013 declined –by 5%. In 2012, 34,678 children were born, and 9,269 women decided to terminate their pregnancies. In 2013 “only” 8,800 abortions were performed. This is still too many children who didn’t have a chance to live.

Most of the mothers (62%) were single at the time of the abortion, the rest were married. 97% of the mothers were over 18 years old, only 3% were under 18. 58% of the women who aborted a child already had one or more children.


  • Thank God for the decline in the number of abortions
  • Pray for sustainable perspectives for women who have undesired pregnancies

Good News 2: A Peaceful May 1

The news media spoke about the most peaceful May 1 for more than 25 years! A detailed review of the history of prayer and answers to prayer, also with facts from 2014, (in German only) can be found here: material/

A seminar entitled “Praying onsite” which includes practical experience is being offered in Kreuzberg in June to help Christians to find it more normal to pray onsite in the streets: June 13 6-8pm and June 14 5-8pm, Gebetskeller am Kottbusser Tor, Adalbertstr. 97. Information and registration:


  • Thank God for the story of answers to prayer

Two CSD-parades?

Berlin’s CSD e.V. has decided not to sponsor events on Christopher Street Day with the controversial name “Stonewall”. However, the gay-lesbian community is now so at odds that several organizations have cancelled their participation in the CSD-parade and affiliated themselves instead with the “Aktionsbündnis CSD Berlin 2014”. The Aktionsbündnis (action alliance) is planning to sponsor its own demonstration on June 21.

The Prayer Forum of Together for Berlin had already planned an event of its own if the so-called “Pride Week” were to take place: From June 10-20 people can join a prayer group which will be praying from 6-7pm in the area around the Nollendorfplatz. More information:


  • Pray that activities that do not honour God will decline in our city
  • Pray that many will participate in the prayer event during these days

Exhibition of corpses?

The controversial plastinator Gunther von Hagen has rented a 1,200 square meters exhibition space on the first floor of the base construction of the TV tower for his “Körperwelten” (Body Worlds) exhibition. Sliced-open bodies, dissected pieces of corpses in a permanent exhibition – a display of death for commercial purposes – this is not a message that should be associated with Berlin Mitte. The Catholic and Lutheran churches as well as the mainstream adherents of political parties have rigorously complained against the intended undertaking. Politicians from the district Mitte have not been able to work out a perspective for the Alexanderplatz which would make such exhibitions impossible. For instance, why not have a permanent exhibition which would present Berlin’s positive side? For quite some time, a group of Christians has wanted to have a place at the TV tower where God is continually praised.


  • Pray that the exhibition “Body Worlds” will not happen at the planned place
  • Let us invite the Spirit of Life to fill Berlin Mitte
  • Pray that the district administration will discover how the Alexanderplatz can be designed in a positive way

“Ick brauch keen Hawaii” (I don’t need Hawaii)

From July 9-13 at the beginning of the school holidays, a creative evangelistic event will take place on the Tempelhofer Feld. It is organized by EC, BerlinUniteD (GfB), and CVJM. Every day from 2:00-6:30pm there will be sports activities, art, music, PoetrySlam, picnic meadow and a tent church. In a large pavilion, the gospel will be shared in the evenings with visitors through various elements such as talk guests, bar, etc. Planning is currently taking place and helpers are needed (evangelism teams, musicians, prayer partners, etc.). Further information:


  • Pray for adequate helpers and finances
  • Pray for unity and creativity for the preparations
  • Pray for success in advertising the events

Occupation Groups: Berlin’s Firefighters


photo: WikiCommons

Teamwork is of utmost importance to firefighters. No one is a lone fighter. Effective help needs a group effort. Berlin’s fire service with its 3,900 members and 37 firehouses is the largest professional fire brigade in Germany. It is supported by approximately 1,300 volunteers. Flashing lights and sirens do not always mean that something is on fire. Along with other emergency vehicles, firefighters are often called to the scene of traffic accidents to assist with technical and medical help. For instance, they help to open jammed doors with special tools, rescue endangered people from dented cars, and give first aid to injured people. Firefighters can reanimate people onsite whose hearts have stopped. They are called to fires of all kinds and flooded basements. Unfortunately sometimes affected people do not trust the firefighters, which often results in insults, threats, and attacks while they are attending to emergencies. Because of dangerous and sometimes life-threatening situations firefighters have traumatizing experiences which need to be processed with the help of professionals.


  • Pray for respect and recognition for firefighters
  • Pray for good teamwork in spite of stress and danger
  • Pray that firefighters and their families can be resistant to stress due to shift work and having to work on holidays

Reconciliation Project: Barenboim-Said Academy in Berlin

Annually, beginning in 2016, one hundred young musicians from the Middle East will receive scholarships for a three-year music and humanities education. The Academy, which was founded by the high-profile conductor Daniel Barenboim and the American-Palestinian literary scholar Edward Said, is considered a ground-breaking cultural reconciliation project and a German contribution to the peace process in the Middle East. It is a further development of the “West-East Divan Orchestra”, an ensemble founded in 1999 by Said and Barenboim comprised equally of Arabian and Israeli musicians which has been a sign of tolerance and hope all over the world. Just like the musicians in the orchestra, the scholarship recipients from conflict areas in the Middle East will be ambassadors of a music-culture who will carry the experiences of reconciliation and cooperation back to their countries. The Academy will be centrally located in Berlin—in the former Magazin of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, which began the process of reconstruction since May, 2014. The project is financed primarily from federal funds as well as private benefactors.


  • Pray for protection for the project and that the reconstruction will be successful
  • Pray that a spirit of reconciliation will flow from Berlin to the Middle East

Keeping On: Refugees

The registration list of refugees on the Oranienplatz and the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule resulting from Dilek Kolat’s negotiations was finished the end of May. The individual processing of the applications by the state of Berlin has begun. However, many of the refugees in the occupied school are not on the list. Nevertheless they desperately need a solution for living quarters and procedures. The Senate and the district are shoving the responsibility back and forth. The 11 refugees on the Alexanderplatz who were in hunger strike and then held a solemn vigil on the Breitscheidplatz have been sent back to Sachsen-Anhalt. 120 police dissolved the protest on account of violation of compulsory residence. The actions of the police have been criticized as rash and disproportionately unreasonable.

Every first Tuesday in the month from 6:30-7:30pm, a group from Together for Berlin meets for prayer for the refugees and related topics in the common room of the Haus Leo of the Stadtmission (Seydlitzstraße 22,10557 Berlin).


  • Pray for solutions and clear responsibility for the refugees in the Gerhard-Hauptmann-School
  • Pray that refugees will not be viewed as a disruptive factor, but rather that their concerns will be listened to


  • June 11, 6pm Prayer for city politicians in front of the Rote Rathaus
  • June 6, 3:30pm Prayer at the BER airport: The Prayer Forum of GfB invites you to participate in prayer onsite (until around 5pm). Registration is necessary: