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Gebetsgottesdienst 1. 5. 2012Good News – Peaceful April 30-May 1

Berlin has not seen such a peaceful April 30-May 1 for decades. For the first time, the “Anti-Capitalist Walpurgis Night”, the traditional kick-off for all the events surrounding May 1st, took place in the former working-class district Wedding. Approximately 3000 demonstrators marched through Wedding. Only a few incidents of attacks on police were reported. Compared to last year, there were markedly fewer arrests and injured policemen during the “Revolutionary May 1st Demonstrations”. The decrease in violence was accompanied by an increase in the number of Christians who attended the public prayer service for the city on the Mariannenplatz. Approximately 800 people attended the service. The lead story in the May 1st edition of the “BZ” was entitled: “Nothing today about May-Chaos –we show you the happy, colourful side of the holiday”. The police were fortunately not injured when their car was attacked one day later with Molotov cocktails and caught fire.


  • Thank God for protection and for a largely peaceful night in spite of the continuing tendency towards violence on the part of the left-wing activists
  • Pray for social peace in our city

“Showcase“ for Electro-Mobility

The federal government has elected Berlinto be one of four “showcases” for electro-mobility. Many see this as a huge chance in the capital city region of Berlin-Brandenburg for the economy to establish up-and -coming areas and create sorely-needed new jobs. However, it also means thatBerlinneeds to develop its strengths more quickly in order to become one of the leading locations for future technology. The federal government has set aside 50 million Euros to aid this endeavour. In addition, the state ofBerlinis providing 25 million Euros, and 50 million Euros are expected from businesses. Together with the federal government, the Senate will decide which projects will receive the money. (Berliner Morgenpost


  • Thank God for the positive decision for Berlin
  • Pray for wisdom for the choice of which projects should be invested in – that they will be projects which produce long-term dividends
  • Pray for the further economic development of Berlin through these and other projects

New Concept for Inclusion in Schools

In September, 2011, we shared the problems that schools are having in adequately teaching disabled children. We prayed for a change in the situation and for more on-site support for teachers. Under the leadership of the new Senator for Education, Sandra Scheeres, there is progress. She immediately stopped her predecessor Zöllner’s concept for including disabled children in the Realschule (intermediate secondary school). An advisory board “Inclusive Schools inBerlin” is to be formed which will work out how the UN-convention for inclusion can be applied inBerlin’s schools. Parent representatives will be a part of the board. The concept should be developed by spring of 2013. It is yet to be determined how many special education centres will be retained. How and when will special needs children be determined? This and other unanswered questions will be discussed. The role of the teacher’s aid will also be a topic for discussion.


  • Pray that the Commission will work well together
  • Pray for inclusion solutions which will relieve stress in the schools
  • Pray that the necessary finances will be budgeted

Senator for Health and Social Welfare

Mario Czaja has been the spokesperson for the CDU parliamentary group in the area of health policy for over ten years. Mr. Czaja, 36 years old, has a degree in business administration. He comes from the eastern part of the city and has been involved in politics on the local level in Hellersdorf since 1993. He won the district Mahlsdorf-Kaulsdorf against Gregor Gysi. The areas of health and social welfare have a direct effect on the lives of residents. Mr. Czaja will emphasize the following areas for his work in the coming years:

  • Strengthening prevention as the supporting pillar in health promotion
  • Providing care in all districts by nearby specialists
  • Networking between in-patient and out-patient services. Ideal supervision of medication and doctor care must be provided after release from the hospital.
  • Strengthening the image of nursing care. An image campaign together with insurance companies and professional associations will be designed to improve the attractiveness, quality, and reputation of care-givers long-term.


  • Pray for protection, favour, and good cooperation for the young Senator
  • Pray for successful reforms in the Berlin health sector

Opening of New Airport Postponed

The headlines were read all over the world: The opening of the new airport Berlin-Brandenburg (BER) had to be postponed fromJune 3, 2012toMarch 17, 2013. The fire alarm/safety system could not be finished on time. Since then, additional problems have been named—things that were known for some time. All of this has greatly damaged the image and economy of the region. The clarification of who was responsible is on-going. The Head of the Technical Department has been fired. The Supervisory Board led by the Ruling Mayor Wowereit feels it was misled by those responsible and has apologized. The other two airports (Tegel and Schönefeld alt) must now absorb the planned increase in flights, which is nearly more than they can handle. The construction costs are skyrocketing.


  • Pray for clarification concerning who is responsible and for compensation for those negatively affected
  • Pray for correct planning of the further construction and its financing until the opening
  • Pray for God’s protection from further scandals in the region

Political Prayer for the City in the Rotes Rathaus

Last year, we invited you to prayer meetings for the Berlin Parliament elections – for the first four months weekly under open sky, then inside the Rotes Rathaus, accompanying the red-black coalition meetings. We would like to continue along this line with “Political Prayer for the City” on June 6 at6pm. The focus will be on the politics of the state ofBerlin. Prayer partners will receive relevant prayer information about requests for the city, and will be encouraged to become active themselves. The prayer information will include current requests concerning topics of the coalition agreement, theBerlinStategovernment, and Senators. This prayer for the city will continue to take place irregularly. Watch for information.


  • Thank God for the opportunity to pray inside the Rotes Rathaus.
  • Pray that God will bless the Senate and the city through our prayers


  • June 1, 9:30 to 13:30 am: Remembrance March for Eritrea (Begin Berlin-Pankow, Andersenstr., near S-Bahn Bornholmer Str.), to remind people of the systematic breaching of human rights on the part of the government. Sponsored by the Committee for Persecuted Christians and the International Society for Human Rights. In addition, a Vigil will take place in front of the St. Marienkirche (Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, Mitte) daily from June 1-3 from 8am-8pm. Information: and
  • June 2. GLOBAL OUTREACH DAY (G.O.D.): Millions of Christians will evangelize all over the world –through events, in conversations, invitations to a meal, offers to pray for others, etc. The initiator is the Berlin evangelist Werner Nachtigal. Some of the public events taking place in Berlin: 4-20pm, Mauerpark: Kingdom Hip Hop led by Teen Challenge // from noon on, Christusgemeinde Hohenschönhausen, Family Festival around the church // 8pm FritzClub in the Postbahnhof, Straße der Pariser Kommune 8, 10243 Berlin: The Maze – evangelististic Theater of Illusion
  • June 21, 7pm, June 22 4pm and 7 pm: Prophecy Conference with Rick Joyner, Leonard Jones and others, C-Campus, Waidmannsluster Damm 7c-e, 13507 Berlin-Reinickendorf
  • June 24, 7:30pm Christusgemeinde Hohenschönhausen: Prayer and Praise Evening with the group “gemeinsam beten und bewegen” (pray and move together), which is currently on a prayer walk throughout the country. More under