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Good News 1: New Houses of Prayer

Good news at the beginning of this new year – More and more Houses of Prayer are being established in Berlin.

For many years, the Jerusalem-Church has had a “House of Prayer for all Nations” ( In October, mostly young Christians initiated an ecumenical House of Prayer in Pankow, where 24-7 praise and prayer (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) is planned.

Two further projects are being planned. Basement rooms right in the middle of a social hotspot at the Kottbusser Tor are being renovated. This is an answer to prayer. For many years, especially in connection with May 1, we have been praying for a spiritual breakthrough in this part of Kreuzberg! The other project is still in the planning stage. They are praying for rooms underneath the TV tower on the Alexanderplatz which are currently empty.

The fact that many 24-hour prayer rooms are being established in four different places is a promising sign. Let’s support these initiatives in prayer and in practical ways!

Good News 2: Many are praying

Thank you to all who have taken part in our online survey. We are happy that so many are using the prayer mail for information and inspiration for prayer. We currently have 484 subscribers for the German edition, and 116 for English. We would like to hear from more of you about how you are using the prayer mail. Please take time (2 minutes) to fill out the short survey (German only):

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Berlin, City of Health

Healthcare upcloseBerlin has a lot of potential for growth from which the city can profit. In recent years, the Senate has attempted to strengthen certain areas. This includes attempting to make Berlin known all over the world as a city of health. In 2005, the Senate designed a master plan for the development of the region Berlin/Brandenburg until 2015 entitled “Berlin, Region of Health”. The document reports, “In international comparison, Berlin is first-class in many sectors of health care. It has sufficient capacity in the entire value-added chain, from research and development to production, provision of services, and market development. Berlin’s hospitals are offering top-notch health care for Germans, Europeans, and even beyond.” (Examples: Heart transplants in the German Heart Centre, organ transplants in the Charité, various areas of oncology, minimal-invasive surgery).

The furthering of international “patient tourism” was included in the master plan. Since then there have been many successes. Last year approximately 3,500 foreign patients were treated inBerlin. This number has grown over the last years, because advertising was done through the tourism industry. All of Berlin’s major hospitals are prepared to treat foreign patients. Many come to the Heart Centre. There is room to grow. Munich, for instance, treated 17,000 foreign patients. But the capital city is in the lead in the areas of continuing education and advanced training. There are more health-care conventions inBerlinthan in any other German city.


  • Thank God for all the dedicated people who are working in the area of medicine. Ask God to bless them.
  • Pray for medical discoveries which will serve mankind
  • Pray thatBerlinwill be known as a city in which people are healed in body, spirit, and soul, because they experience God’s all-embracing salvation here

The new Senator for the Interior and Sports

Frank Henkel (born in1963) is the Chairman of the CDU in Berlin, member of the national CDU Association, and since December, 2011 the new Senator for the Interior and Sports. Because he emphasized homeland security during his election campaign, he now has the chance to work on this area on the political level.

For instance, will Berlin have a city-wide ban on alcohol in public transportation under Frank Henkel? In the coalition contract, measures such as the following have been agreed upon: “We are placing an emphasis on more police presence and will increase the number of police officers by 250…..We will work toward a prohibition of the NPD (Nazi party) and work against left-wing and right-wing extremist tendencies……In the area of juvenile crime, we will emphasize prevention, networking, quick intervention on the part of public authorities in the case of both new and repeat offenders, and accelerated trials for juveniles. (Neuköllner Modell).” (Source:

However, the 250 policemen must be trained first. It will be a while before the increase in police presence can happen. The special investigation team which was looking for arsonists setting cars on fire has been dissolved, since the number of such arson cases has decreased considerably.

Frank Henkel wants to work against extremism of all sorts. Because both right-wing and left-wing extremists in the city continue to make themselves known through violence, this is a challenging area for the new Senator. Because there is still no Chief of Police, (the position is being advertised again), Ms. Koppers will continue to be acting Police of Chief in charge of Berlin’s police on May 1st.


  • Pray that the Senator will contribute to peace in the city by making wise decisions
  • Pray for successful cooperation between new and old staff
  • Pray fort he right person to become Chief of Police

Many pedestrian deaths

“Pedestrians are not particularly safe onBerlin’s streets. They are surrounded by Rambo-speeders, kamikaze bike-riders, fast buses, and trams that are too quiet. 29 of the 54 traffic deaths last year were pedestrians. In 2010, 44 people died in traffic-related accidents. Nearly half of those were pedestrians, and nearly half were not at fault. Statistically, pedestrians are the highest-risk group in traffic in Berlin. In Berlin, however, 30 percent of traffic participants are pedestrians, equal to car drivers.” (Der Tagesspiegel1/8/2012)


  • Pray that pedestrians will be more careful and that drivers will be more considerate
  • Pray for traffic policy measures which will protect pedestrians

Scholarship for Politicians on the UdK

The University of the Arts in Berlin (UdK) is offering a six-month scholarship beginning on April 1 for Berlin politicians which covers all events for the semester. The aim is to deepen understanding between the arts and politics. Often dialogue between the arts and political policy is hampered by a lack of common language and a lack of understanding on both sides.


  • Pray for the selection of the correct person
  • Pray that the encounters between politics and the arts lead to true understanding


From Feb. 23-25, Together for Berlin is sponsoring the next Transforum-Conference for Christian ministry in mega-cities. The motto is: “Look. Stand up. Get involved. Justice for the city”.

During 5 plenum sessions and 25 workshops, people from Berlin and other cities will have the opportunity to become acquainted with ideas and projects aimed towards changing hearts and conditions. The purpose and goal of the conference: “We search for answers together. We get moving with Jesus. We encourage one another. We discuss our differences.”

The Biblical foundation: The strength to strive for justice for others comes from God’s gift of justice to us. More information at:

Day tickets are available. A cultural evening is planned on Feb. 24 with the group “2Flügel”. (2 grand pianos)

Place: Christusgemeinde Hohenschönhausen, Landsberger Allee 225, 13055 Berlin

A “Business Transforum” takes place in a nearby hotel on Feb. 24-25.


  • Pray that all participants will receive important and helpful impulses for their cities or districts
  • Pray that the belief will grow that transformation is possible through God’s Spirit
  • Pray for the success of the “Business Transforum”