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Good News – less violence

Last year we often requested prayer for a decline in left-wing violent attacks.

The newspaper “B.Z.” reported that in December of last year the Berlin police documented a noticeable decline in politically motivated crime in 2010 compared to 2009. According to Dieter Glietsch, the President of Police, the total number of cases went down by about a quarter; the number of violent crimes went down by half.

This pertains to left-wing activities as well as right-wing activities. According to police reports, the number of politically motivated arson cases went down from 150 to below 50. This is perhaps due to a change of thinking within the scene.


  • Thank God for the decline in politically motivated violence
  • Pray for a continued change of thinking towards peaceful activities
  • Pray for a peaceful May 1st.

Elections for Berlin’s City Parliament

All parties have now nominated their candidates for the elections in September. There’s not much room for popular campaign promises, because Berlin must hold to its agreed-upon lowering of debt.

What topics will interest Berliners in the election campaign? Certainly topics such as education, the S-Bahn or aircraft noise.


  • Pray that the party platforms will be communicated in such a way that the voters can clearly perceive the alternatives
  • Pray for wisdom and blessing for all who desire to have political influence in Berlin
  • Pray for candidates who want to honour God through specific political action

40 Days of Prayer and Fasting

On March 9, the initiative “40 Days of Prayer and Fasting for our Nation” will begin. This year, the topics are combined with “Hope 2011” (Hoffnung2011), a campaign sponsored by Christian youth organisations. We reported about this in the February prayer news.

For seven weeks during the prayer initiative “High Flyers” (Himmelsstürmer), prayer requests on a prayer poster and prayer cards will be combined into different topics such as “Visitors – Hope is giving time” or “Ghettorists – Hope is serving up close”. For each day, there is a prayer request with seven points which highlight one area of society. The individual prayer topics with current requests can be found at

In our city and in our entire country, there are evidences that there are a growing number of Christian groups and churches ministering to the needs of people. The prayer initiative desires strengthen and support these initiatives and fill them with spiritual power.

A poster with the prayer requests can be obtained for a donation at: Neues Leben Stiftung, Im Sportzentrum 2, 57610 Altenkirchen Tel. 02681-9411-16 Fax – 51 or at

At the weekly requests on prayer cards can be purchased for 2.80 €.


  • Pray that prayer would encourage action and action would encourage prayer
  • Pray that the initiative would have a broad effect and that many individuals and groups would be motivated to pray for our nation

Pact for Vocational Education in Berlin

Improving vocational training of youth is the goal of a Pact for Education which representatives of the Berlin Senate, the business sector, and the German Federation of Trade Unions have signed. The motto “We need every young person” is designed to integrate interested and eligible young people into vocational training more than ever before.

On the one hand, the prospects of young people are to be improved; on the other hand, Berlin’s economy will be guaranteed the necessary skilled workers. This comes in light of the decreasing numbers of school graduates.

The pact aims to offer better conditions for those youth who have a hard time getting started. Cooperation between schools and companies is to be improved. First, every secondary school is to have at least one functioning partnership with a company. Later, this will be expanded to include all secondary schools with students qualifying for universities (Gymnasien).

Volunteer mentors will be assigned to weaker students to increase their chances of finishing school. The pact puts an emphasis on youth from immigrant families.

Pact partners are emphasizing the “special talents of youth from immigrant backgrounds”. (Berliner Zeitung Jan 26, 2011)


  • Thank God for the new initiative
  • Pray for future job prospects for difficult youth
  • Pray that the partnership and mentor models will be successful

Keeping On: Violence in the U-Bahn

In recent weeks there were multiple cases of violent attacks in Berlin’s subway stations. Some of the victims were severely injured.

Let us pray that such attacks will stop, for successful surveillance, and for God’s peace over the city.

Moslems in Berlin in the face of turbulence in the Middle East

“Thanks to Facebook!” That was the clear statement of a Moslem from Turkey at a dialogue meeting last week when we spoke about the turbulence in the Middle East. Because of the new media, changes were possible that had not been possible before. People networked with one another who had previously been hindered in doing this by a dictator. Information was spread and topics discussed, which one had not been previously able to talk openly about in the Islamic world. Turkish Moslems see this as a big opportunity even for their country.

Many Moslems in Berlin are watching the events in the Middle East very closely and are finding themselves drawn back and forth between a positive, hopeful mood and anxiety about their relatives and friends in countries where demonstrations and street fighting are still occurring. No one knows what will happen.

Egyptian Christians are waiting to see how the situation will develop in their home country. The statement of the Moslem Brotherhood that there will be no women or Christians in the new government does not create a lot of trust.

However, there are more Christians than Moslem Brotherhood members in Egypt, and these brothers and sisters in Christ are asking us to pray with them for this situation.


  • Thank God for the opportunities the internet has made possible
  • Pray for the Middle East
  • Pray for more freedom for Christians

Artist’s Quarter Bethanien

Bethanien in Kreuzberg, known as a place of open political, social and artistic orientation, as well as for house-squatting, is heading towards a new future.

In addition to a school of music, the so-called Artist Quarter Bethanien is currently housing a print shop, and galleries and the studio program of State of Berlin. In March, 2011 a new place for dance and theatre called the “Platform of the Performing Arts in Bethaninen“ will begin.

This collaboration of various forms of the arts is aiming for a broader publicity of the work and mutual synergy. Dance and theatre in Germany will be strengthened through the creation of better working conditions for the performing arts, through providing advice and educational and training opportunities, and through the creation of a public media centre.


  • Pray for a successful implementation of cultural-political concerns which will improve conditions for performing artists
  • Pray for positive synergies and good cooperation

Evangelistic Projects in the Summer

The missions organisation “Jews for Jesus” is planning street projects from June 6-July 7 in Berlin with an international team, some of whom are from Israel. Christians in Berlin are welcome to join in.

Those interested should get in touch with:


  • Pray for successful planning, an adequate number of participants, and for protection for the preparation


  • Saturday March 19, 2-6 pm Filia Women’s Day of Prayer: Ev. Freikirchliche Gemeinde Bergmannstr. 22 10962 Berlin – Kreuzberg
  • Saturday, April 2, 3-6pm Seminar „Praying on the Streets“, in the Café Sehnsucht, Skalitzer Str. 133 at the Kottbusser Tor, registration and information at: