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Perspectives – Prayer for 2011

What will the New Year bring? Many people are asking that question. As Christians, we know that we are called to actively participate in shaping the future and that we can ask God to work out His plan with and through us. The Verse of the Year challenges us: “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” (Rom. 12:21) In addition to the upcoming Elections for Parliament on September 18th, the following four topics are on the minds of the editorial team:

  • The Shalom of the city: Peace and Security and protection from terrorism and violence (see Jer. 29:11)
  • The development of the Calling and Potential that God has given Berlin, so that we can be a blessing to our nation and beyond (See Gen. 12, 2)
  • Solutions for the economic, social, and emotional crises of many people and entire population groups (children living in poverty, the homeless, immigrants, etc.)
  • That Berliners would experience God’s love through words and deeds and begin a personal relationship with Him.

These topics will accompany us throughout 2011. Through our prayers, we want to spread light to Berlin and see God build His kingdom here. Will you partner with us in prayer this year?

Good News – Berlin is getting greener

Berliner save nearly a half a million tons of CO2 yearly by separating waste. Paper recycling alone saves as many trees as are in the Grunewald. Of course there are more ways to contribute more to ecology


  • Thank God for Berlin’s contribution to climate protection
  • Pray for the development and implementation of effective ideas which will protect the environment
  • Pray that more residents of Berlin and companies in Berlin will actively find ways to protect the environment

Projects of hope: Evangelism on the Internet

In spite of all its dangers, the internet is becoming more and more important as a source of information and communication. Christians are called to also use the internet wisely and effectively to spread the gospel.

In Berlin, we have a special opportunity to bring the gospel to the hearts and minds of people. has been online for 15 months. It is the first evangelistic portal designed especially for large cities. People from churches and independent missionary groups developed this pilot project. The responsible body is the association called Internetmission Berlin e.V, which cooperates with the French licensor Top Mission, with Campus für Christus and Gemeinsam für Berlin.

The person who goes to the site discovers immediately that it’s not only just text. A considerably large portion of the content is in the form of videoclips in which Berliners talk about their experiences with God. Seekers can begin a spiritual journey—the gospel is clearly explained. Through various steps they can come to a prayer that can be used to put their faith in Jesus Christ.

The main objective, however, is to get  those who interested in beginning a relationship with God into email contact with trained partners and eventually to help them find a church. Churches can use the site as an instrument for evangelism and church-building by finding church members who can be trained as email partners.

Thus, the church benefits greatly—people who are looking for God get interested in the church and also receive answers to basic questions about faith and get in contact with the church. Thus the internet is being used in a professional way for evangelism. God is coming to Berliners by way of the computer.


  • Pray for wisdom for the email partnes and that they will senstive to the needs of seekers
  • Pray for strength and health for the project team
  • Pray that more churches will use this tool to reach people

Berlin’s police under pressure

On account of the current terrorism warning, Berlin’s police force is under pressure more than ever before. The police force in Berlin has also not been spared from budget cuts—in the last 10 years, approximately 4,000 jobs have been lost. The amount of work to be done has not been reduced—because of the size of the city, there is even more work to be done. Visiting politicians must be protected; protection during large events needs to be available; crime must be battled—to name just a few jobs the police must do.  The New Year’s Eve party is not a reason to celebrate for policemen, but rather a job to protect others. It is supposed to be the largest party in the world with over a million visitors.

Currently, policemen must work a lot of overtime hours. In addition, Berlin is the first state whose Parliament has decided to implement an identification requirement for policemen. They may decide between a name ID or an individual number. This requirement may endanger policemen who work against organized crime or political extremists.


  • Thank God for all policemen and policewomen
  • Pray for protection and behaviour leading to de-escalation, success in fighting crime and personal blessing
  • Pray that the services of the police will be effectively supported by politicians and the public in general

Keepin On: Drug Addiction

In Berlin, nearly every day someone dies because of drug addiction. Let us pray for good methods for the  prevention of drug abuse and that help can be found for drug addicts.

Keeping On: Arson Attacks

In Friedrichshain and other districts, the number of random arson attacks on cars by autonomous activists has decreased—also because of intense criticism within the scene. This is something to the thankful for. On  the other hand, it appears that cars of leaders in business and politics are now being targeted for arson attacks. Stones have even been thrown at their homes. In addition, a left-wing radical magazine recently called for the destruction of tourism, which is so important to Berlin.

The decline of violence in general, and the uncovering of attacks beforehand remain a matter for prayer.

Nomination of candidates for the elections

The process of nominating candidates for the Parliamentary elections next September has already begun.

Especially within the CDU there have been internal power fights which have weakened the party. The other parties are also beginning to make a list of candidates. It appears that Klaus Wowereit will once again be nominated by the SPD. Renate Künast will be the Bündnis 90/Die Grünen candidate for mayor. Democracy lives through the debate of various parties.

It is important for citizens to acquaint themselves with the party platforms of the nominees. Unfortunately, the new right-wing party called “Pro Deutschland” is attempting to gain votes in Berlin.


  • Pray that candidates to be named who will honour God through their political activities
  • Pray for clear communication of the programs of the various political parties
  • Pray that right-wing extremist parties will not be successful


Week of Prayer sponsored by the Evangelical Alliance „Praying and Serving Together“: There are about 100 prayer events in Berlin from January 9-16. A brochure with the topics and another brochure with information about events and times in Berlin are available in churches.

The Conclusion Worship Service in Berlin is January 16, 2011, 3pm in the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche.  Youth are invited to a Prayer Concert on Friday, Jan. 14th, 2011, 7pm in the Lukas-Gemeinde, Kurfürstenstr. 133, Schöneberg. During this event, the beginning of the national Intiative „Hope 2011“ will be celebrated. (

Prayer for May 1:  Members of the prayer mail editorial staff can be invited to speak about May 1st or about praying on-site on the streets on May 1st. Contact: