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Good News: Berlin has made a turn-around

„Berlin has successfully made a turn-around. The capital city is now in 8th place in a national comparison – Experts say this is a result of the growth motor having been turned on in Berlin.” This was the title of the article in the Tagesspiegel concerning the rise of Berlin in comparison with other Germany cities. Berlin rose from 24th place (2008) to 8th place (2010). In the study, economic and demographic factors are analysed in order to evaluate the economic strength of large cities. In comparison with other cities, Berlin still lags behind others in the area of economic strength, but in other areas, it has made major gains.

Since 2005, Berlin’s economy has grown faster than any other state in Germany. Before that, jobs had been steadily declining, but in the last five years, 123,000 jobs have been created. The city’s creativity shows itself in the area of new companies being founded. Nearly 120 new companies are founded ever day! Behind these dry numbers, the improvement in Berlin’s entire situation can be seen, which is being felt by many people in the city.


  • Thank God for the steady growth of employment and the growth of Berlin’s attractiveness
  • Pray for all who are starting new companies: for good counsel, wisdom, and support

Immigrant churches in Berlin

Foto: Hasos Tafel

Foto: Hasos Tafel

People from different countries and cultures have long been part of the cityscape of Berlin. Although we meet them daily, we often do not perceive them to be on an equal footing with us or of equal value with us. Among the more than 850,000 immigrants and those with immigrant backgrounds, there are many who are Christians. Many of them have been living in Berlin for more than 30 years and hold positions of responsibility.

Every Sunday thousands of believers from various cultures and denominations meet for worship and a meal and fellowship. According to estimates, there are approximately 16,000 African Christians in Berlin and Brandenburg, most of whom meet in 80-100 churches in Berlin.

In addition there are Asian churches, Latin American churches, and also churches of many other European languages. These Christians are praying not only for themselves and their own needs, but also for Berlin, Germany, and Europe. They want to share their faith and the richness of their cultures with us Germans. Contacts, friendships, and relationships to these brothers and sisters in Christ have developed over the last years and are growing. Many, however, do not feel like they belong to the body of Christ in Berlin, because there is still too little togetherness and too much coexistence.


  • Thank God for believing brothers and sisters from other nations whom God has brought to Berlin to bless us and to build God’s kingdom with us
  • Pray for growing unity in the body of Christ and that we German Christians and churches will welcome our brothers and sisters from other cultures and support them in their endeavours
  • Pray for personal encounters and friendships between leaders of churches of different cultures
  • Pray for more international churches in Berlin which truly live unity in diversity so that God’s kingdom can be experienced on a deeper level

Berlin—a centre of electromobility?

Berlin wants to become the European centre of electromobility. In order to compete with other regions, an Agency for Electromoibility called “eMo” was founded in November. The Senator of Commerce, Harald Wolf, considers mobility and traffic to be the main topic for the future for Berlin’s economy. Universities and approximately 7,000 companies which employ more than 100,000 people in Berlin are already developing traffic solutions for the future.

120 Electro-Smarts from Daimler and RWE are already being tested. In the city, there are approximately 200 public electric charging stations. For all these projects, trained specialists are needed. It would be best if these specialists could be trained in Berlin.


  • Pray that ground-breaking models for traffic for the future can be developed
  • Pray for successful bundling of creative resources between universities and business in the city
  • Pray that the needed specialists can be found for this area

The God who came down

The Advent and Christmas season—for some it’s a season of delight and anticipation, for others it’s a season of burdens and fear. Although there is a danger that the Christmas message can become routine, great opportunities lie in the Biblical message of the birth of Jesus. Let us pray that churches will take advantage of these opportunities, and that pastors will be encouraged to that end, especially during Christmas services.

The many symbols and traditions of this time also create opportunities to talk about where they originated. An authentic personal testimony of what Jesus Christ means to me finds more open ears and hearts during this time of year. It is indeed the mighty, eternal God, the Messiah, who came down to us on the small, finite earth as a child. What a miracle—He “came down” has a double meaning—He came down from heaven, but also willingly humbled Himself, “coming down” to our level. This is reason enough to celebrate His love and share His love with others, especially those who are “down and out” or feel that way!


  • Pray for the Christmas worship services in Berlin, that the messages will reach hearts and draw people to Jesus
  • Pray that many will take advantage of the season to talk about their faith in personal conversations
  • Pray that people on the fringes of society will discover God’s love in Jesus

Prayer for May 1st

The „Verse of the Year“ for 2011 is: „Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.“ A project group is preparing the open-air worship service and prayer initiatives for May 1, 2011 with this theme.

As Christians, we want to once again be a counter-pole to the disposition to violence in the city. Churches that want to take part in prayer initiatives can invite members of the project group to their church who can share motivating stories about what God has done during the last years on May 1st or to preach a sermon on “Prayer for the City on the Streets”. Those who are interested can write to


  • Pray for the planning and that many churches will participate in prayer initiatives for May 1st.

Projects of Hope: Winter to go

On Dec. 4th in many European countries over 2000 Santa Clauses will be preaching the gospel. Last year, 1600 “Spirit-filled” Santa Clauses evangelized in 80 cities and met many people who didn’t know the true reason for Christmas. Many people are open to the gospel during the Christmas season. Through 2000 Santa Clauses in up to 20 countries in over 120 cities, the ministry called “Nolimit” wants to reach many people with the gospel.


  • Pray that in all these cities, as well as in Berlin, people can be reached with the message of God’s love and meet Jesus

Keeping On: Protection from Terror

According to security officials and the Minister of the Interior, the threat of terrorist activity has risen since mid-November. Indications about possible attacks in Germany have been taken seriously. According to newspaper reports, there are specific plans for attacks on the Reichstag. A few weeks ago, a letter-bomb was sent to Chancellor Merkel. Thank God, no one was hurt! But this event and the warnings show how great the danger of large and small terrorist attacks is. In addition, left-wing extremists have not given up, although the number of arson attacks has declined—which is an answer to prayer!

Let us continue to pray for protection for Berlin, our country, and especially for airports, train stations, Christmas markets and places where lots of people gather. Let us also pray specifically that planned terrorist attacks will be discovered before they take place.


  • Dec. 24/25: The most important birthday of all time which will be celebrated globally by over 100 million people.
  • Jan. 9-16, 2011: International Week of Prayer sponsored by the Evangelical Alliance with the theme: “Praying and Serving Together“