Download PDF: Prayer for Berlin – April 2010

Good News – More tourists

Berlin’s appeal for tourists remains undiminished. In spite of the financial crisis, 2009 was the best tourist year ever for Berlin. 8.3 million guests stayed in hotels in Berlin. In addition, there were numerous tourists which had some other form of lodging and thus cannot be counted. Tourism is a significant source of income for the city. Large events such as the Track and Field World Championship or the many trade fairs and conventions are drawing an increasing number of tourists to Berlin. Accommodations in Berlin are lower in price in comparison to other European large cities. Revenue generated by tourists brought the city 1.85 billion € in taxes.


  • Thank God for Berlin’s appeal to people from all over the world
  • Pray that Berlin’s guests will take good impulses with them, thus enabling Berlin to be a blessing

“Easter 2 go”

From April 1-4 training will take place in Berlin to teach Christians how to share the gospel in clear, creative ways.  The participants will be able to try out the things they have learned during street events. These events are designed to communicate the gospel to people in Berlin. Information and registration:


  • Pray that many Christians will register to receive training in evangelism.
  • Pray that Berliners will be open and responsive.

Preparations for a peaceful May 1st (Part 3)

In the beginning of April, the fasting and prayer chain for a peaceful May 1st will begin (April 5 – May 5). Christians all over the city desire to contribute to the preservation of peace through concentrated prayer. Information and a calendar to sign up for prayer times can be found at:

Neonazis on the periphery of the “Freie Kräfte” are planning a demonstration in Berlin on May 1, 2010. Supported by the NPD as well as other right-wing extremist groups, they have been mobilizing people for the demonstration over the last months. Demonstrations such as this one on May 1st have a high symbolic value for the right-wing scene. Numerous anti-demonstrations sponsored by the SPD, the Grüne, the Linkspartei, and other leftist groups will attempt to block the Neonazi demonstration.

There is a high potential for violence among both the right-wing demonstrators and the leftist anti-fascist groups (Antifa)

In Kreuzberg a demonstration sponsored by left-wing groups will begin at 6pm. In the last years, this “6 pm demo” was continually the source of extreme violence.

Residents are once planning the Myfest. For the first time, very strict rules have been put into place which will attempt to curtail the use of alcohol, thus also reducing the number of “projectiles” available for rioting. No drinks can be sold in bottles or cans, and the stores must remain closed.

Together for Berlin will once again hold an open-air worship service, which will be followed by a prayer walk. The service begins at 12 noon on the stage at Mariannenplatz (Kreuzberg) in front of the St.-Thomas-Kirche. The theme of the service is “Hunger for Justice”.


  • Pray that all efforts on the part of residents, Christians, and police will be effective, provide protection and keep the peace
  • Pray that the planned right-wing demonstration can be prevented by peaceful means
  • Pray for protection from all violent outbreaks during events on April 30th (Walpurgisnacht)
  • Pray that all demonstrations on May 1st will remain peaceful

Project of Hope: Café Mandelzweig

The association “Neues Leben in Christus e.V.” (New Life in Christ) opened a café in September, 2009 in the Seestraße 101, with the hope of offering people in the area the opportunity to talk to Christians and build relationships with them. All kinds of questions are welcome here. In addition, people who are lonely or in need can find a place where they are welcomed. A small team of volunteers led by Christian Stockmann take care of the guests, who come from all walks of life. A long-term unemployed person was hired to work at the counter. Social skills are being trained while people are cooking, baking and serving the guests. On two evenings a week a worship service takes place, which begins with a common meal. On one afternoon a week, they serve coffee and cake to alcohol abusers and drug addicts on the Leopoldplatz. Thus, the Café Mandelzweig is attempting to reach people with the gospel in new, creative ways. Emotionally stable staff and prayer partners are still needed.


  • Pray for strength and wisdom for all staff so that they can deal with all the various spiritual and financial challenges of the ministry
  • Pray for stable financial support
  • Pray that many people will meet Jesus through the café

People all over the world are praying for Berlin

70,000 Global Prayer Digests have been printed in English by the US Center for World Missions. The only topic in April is Berlin! The focus of the prayer is that a Christian fellowship for every ethnic group in the city will be founded. There are over 180 ethnic groups in the city, and the brochure can provide information about Christian fellowship for only 27 of them, among others, Cubans, Azerbaijani, North Koreans, and many others. In addition, missionaries and Christian groups are presented, including Together for Berlin!

The brochure contains valuable information about the ethnic groups in Berlin. The brochure (in English) can be downloaded at A printed version (40 pages) can be ordered for 60 Eurocents per piece at Together for Berlin (Tel. 030-23003403, Fax 030-25798903). Individuals, groups, and churches are encouraged to join in praying in April for Berlin and the many unreached ethnic groups in the city.


  • Pray that the impact of this prayer campaign will be visible
  • Pray that Christian fellowships and churches will be founded among the unreached people groups

Keeping on: Against child abuse

Nearly every day, the news media report further cases of child abuse—in Catholic, secular, and also Protestant facilities and schools. Daily there are new reports of how far humans are capable of sinking. The press, politicians, and the public are demanding in-depth examination, and rightly so. The federal government has established a Round Table for this topic.

The image of churches and the Christian faith in general has suffered great damage because in the past there was little transparency, and investigations sometimes were not carried out in depth. The suffering of the victims sometimes was pushed into the background.


  • Pray for healing and restoration for the victims who often suffer their entire lives  as a result of abuse
  • Pray that perpetrators will repent and experience forgiveness
  • Pray that the difference between human sin, which deserves to be punished, and the message of a loving God will clearly be seen


Prayerchain and fasting from April 5- May 5 for a peaceful May 1st in Berlin (see article above)

Friday, April 16  Prayer Training „Praying on the Streets“: 6-9 pm, Café Sehnsucht, Skalitzer Straße 133 (Near Kottbusser Tor)

Ecumenical Prayer Evening April 21, 8-10pm, St. Adalbert, Torstr. 168, 10115 Berlin-Mitte: The ecumenical centre „Net for God“ and Together for Berlin invite you to join this event: „Going together to Munich – an evening of prayer for the Ecumenical Church Congress. Many churches and groups, including Together for Berlin, will be attending.

Open-Air Worship Service for a peaceful May 1st, 12 noon on the stage Mariannenplatz (Thank God that the consent came on time this year!)
Beginning at 1:15pm (guided) prayer walks in groups through the district.