Download PDF: Prayer for Berlin – November 2009

Good News – 20 years since the fall of the wall

mauerfallUnfortunately, people forget the good things more quickly than the bad. What a shame! The Bible calls on us to thankfully remember the things God has done. «Praise the Lord, o my soul and forget not all His benefits». (Psalm 103). In November, 2009, Berlin will remember the fall of the Berlin wall during events and worship services, and in articles, radio and TV programmes. On October 3, 2010, the 20th anniversary of the reunification of Germany will be celebrated.

Our gratitude can be directed only to one source—It wasn’t anonymous developments that brought about the fall of the iron curtain. The people, Gorbatschow, and the economical weakness of East Germany were not just causes, but rather God’s good intentions for our country and the whole of Europe! Those who look back with gratitude on God’s grace during the years before the reunification can celebrate with joy. It would be wonderful if Christians and churches would take the lead in celebrating with gratitude to God in our hearts and inviting others to join in with us.

You can find ideas (German only) about thanking, celebrating and praying on this website:

If you are in Berlin, welcome to this event on November 9th: Worship and prayer on the Bornholmer Brücke, Meeting Place on the East side. 7pm prayer walk along the wall to the Anklamer Straße. 7:30-10:00pm Prayer Evening in the Christus-Kirche, Anklamer Str. 31


  • Thank God that He, as the Lord of history, gave us unity
  • Pray for joyful celebrations full of gratitude which focus on what God has done

Good News: Prize for International Understanding

Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe awarded the city of Berlin the prestigious Prince of Asturias Prize for international understanding. He said the city represented «a symbol of hope» and is a role model for «culture, creativity, and togetherness».

The prize comes with a cash award of 50,000 Euros. The city can certainly make good use of the recognition for its efforts for unity and the cash award that goes with it.

Thank God

  • For the award and the blessing

Attacks on the police

The increasing propensity to violence among some segments of society has also been increasingly felt by the police in recent months. Not only were policemen often verbally insulted, they were also often assaulted by groups. This happened often during routine assignments, at traffic checkpoints, on patrol, or when they were called in because of disturbance of the peace.

For instance, in Spandau a policeman was accosted by a group of about 40 young people while riding his bicycle home. They pushed him off his bike, kicked him and spat on him. In other districts, large groups of immigrants, often comprised of members of an extended family, form quickly and prevent the police from arresting individuals.

Attacks from left-wing extremists are also increasing. Even the district attorney was threatened in the internet because he charged violent offenders who threw Molotov cocktails on May 1st with attempted murder.


  • Thank God for the police who are committed to the safety of the city and its residents
  • Pray that people will respect the police more and that God will protect them
  • Pray that the attacks will decrease
  • Pray that those in positions of authority will see the need for more protection of the police and put measures into place to bring this about

Hardships of pre-school teachers

In 2005, the Berlin Senate enacted a programme for early-childhood education. In addition to having regular parent-teacher talks, the pre-school teachers are to observe the development of each child and keep written records of their findings.

They are also to keep a language-learning diary for each child, in which, for example, they record new words that the child has learned.

The pre-school teachers are to do this extensive documentation in addition to their other responsibilities, which means that they will have less time to actively interact with the children, which is the exact opposite of what the measures are designed to accomplish. The children are not being developed more, but rather less, and the teachers are overloaded.

In September, approximately 10,000 pre-school teachers demonstrated for an improvement in their working conditions.

The Senate is planning to eliminate all charges for day-care centres by the year 2011. A referendum is planned which wants to use that money to improve personnel instead.


  • Pray for wisdom for political decisions and that the burden on pre-school teachers will be reduced
  • Pray for all pre-school teachers and the children in day-care centres
  • Pray that the potential of children can be developed well

Keeping On: School Reform

Since the last prayer news, the chances have improved that the time-frame for implementing the reform can be extended.

Please continue to pray for this request and for all those involved in the school reform issue.


  • Pray for God’s help and wisdom for teachers, headmasters and all those who are involved in implementing the school reform
  • Pray for protection from stress and burnout
  • Pray for the politicians will agree to extend the time-frame for the implementation of the reform

Keeping On: The hardships of children

We are pleased about the high birth rate in Berlin. Nevertheless, the poverty, neglect, and inner instability, as well as sexual and spiritual disorientation, of many children in our city are cause for alarm.

Let us pray for these children.


  • Pray that the children of our city will experience love, care and encounters with God
  • Pray for good programmes that help children and their parents

Keeping On: Abortions

The number of abortions among Berlin women under 18 decreased in comparison to 2007 by nearly 17 percent (374 abortions), but the total number of abortions in the capital city increased by 0.3%.

A total of 9,648 babies were not allowed to live. What could they have become if they had been allowed to develop according to God’s plan?


  • Pray for forgiveness for every violent ending of human life through abortion
  • Pray that an increasing number of people will decide to protect life and that they can find help in tough situations
  • Pray for all institutions and services that help people make these decisions


  • Nov 9, 6pm – Worship and prayer on the Bornholmer Brücke, Meeting Place on the East side. 7pm prayer walk along the wall to the Anklamer Straße. 7:30-10:00pm Prayer Evening in the Christus-Kirche, Anklamer Str. 31
  • Nov 17, 6pm Pray Day for schools, Auditorium of the Corrie-ten-Boom-Realschule, Christburger Str. 14
  • Nov 18, 12:30 Prayer Concert on Bußund Bettag (Repentance Day) for students, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche
  • Nov 21, 10am to 3:30pm, Berlin Allianz Day, »The church as a patient”, Ev.-Freikirchliche Gemeinde, Tempelhofer Damm 133
  • Nov 25 6pm, City-wide prayer service for the Tegel prison (JVA), reservation required: