Download PDF: Prayer for Berlin October 2009

Good News – People moving to Berlin

Berlin is continuing to grow. In 2008 there were more people who moved to Berlin than people who moved away from Berlin. This is the fourth year in a row that growth has continued. At the end of 2008, there were exactly 15,400 more residents than the year before. Above all, young people between 20 and 25 years of age are moving from the “old” states (former West Germany) to Berlin. They come here to study or to learn a vocation. Others have come from the “new“ states (former East Germany) or from foreign countries such as Poland, the USA, France and Turkey. This growth enriches the culture and the economics of the city.

  • Thank God for the growth in the number of residents in the city

Good Perspective for the Future

According to a new economics study which researched the growth potential of regions and cities in Germany, Berlin belongs to the cities with the largest growth potential in Germany. Berlin is ranked equally with Hamburg.

The project director of the study sees Berlin’s strengths above all in the areas of healthcare, business services, research, and development. Creative industries are heavily represented in Berlin, and the capital city offers good conditions for investors.

Industry continues to be weak. According to business associations, cooperation between industry and science must be strengthened so that new products can actually grow out of good ideas already at hand.

Berlin needs this hope for a better future, because over the past few months Berlin has once again had the highest unemployment rate among German states.


  • Pray that the growth potential will bring many investors to the city and that jobs will be created as a result
  • Pray for effective ways of cooperation between industry and science
  • Pray for wisdom for H. Wolf, the Senator of Commerce, that he will be able to create a helpful political framework for economic growth

schuelerSchool Reform in Secondary Schools

Primary schools were reformed recently through a new law by the former Senator for Education Mr. Böger. Now the Senator for Education, Science and Research, Mr. J. Zöllner, has begun reforms of secondary schools. These reforms are to be passed quickly.

From the school year 2010/2011 on, Hauptschulen, Realschulen and Gesamtschulen are to be combined into secondary schools. These secondary schools and Gymnasien will be the only school forms. The new way that students can enter Gymnasium (for some even by drawing lots!) has angered many parents.

Teachers must change their entire teaching plans in a very short time. They must find concrete ways of teaching classes that are filled with students with very different academic proficiency levels. The reason behind the pressure to change quickly is so that the school reform will not be a topic in Berlin’s local elections in 2011, and yet, even now there are heated political discussions concerning this issue.

This school reform can certainly not be accomplished within one school year. Students and teachers alike will be faced with additional pressures. Schools must be remodelled to allow for day-long classes. That will mean disturbances and increased noise. The implementation of the reform in primary schools has been extremely difficult for teachers and is still not complete. In the same way, the needs and capacities of people who are supposed to implement the schools reform in the secondary schools are not adequately being considered.


  • Pray that God will help teachers, school directors and all those involved implementing these reforms and that He will give them wisdom
  • Pray for protection from overwork and burnout
  • Pray that the politicians will increase the timeframe for the implementation of the reforms

Internet Evangelism

The way that people (not just young people) communicate is rapidly changing. This means that Christians and churches desiring to share the Good News need to find new ways to bring the Gospel into hearts and minds – and into computers. People from various denominations and Christian organisations are currently working on a mega-city pilot project to reach people in Berlin with the Gospel by using the internet. For this reason, INTERNETMISSION BERLIN e.V. has been founded. The Internetmission works along the interdenominational lines of Together for Berlin. Churches can use this website as their tool for evangelism and church growth. Churches become project partners by appointing people from their churches to be email dialogue partners.

Special websites invite seekers to join a spiritual journey. The gospel is presented in a simple and clear way, and visitors to the site can find a prayer which they can use to begin a new life with Jesus Christ. Before or after that, they can contact trained email dialogue partners.

The goal is to integrate seekers through this email contact into churches so that they can meet other Christians. We welcome more partner churches and email dialogue partners. Call 397 42 733 or write:


  • Pray for success for further development of the website
  • Pray that enough competent and sensitive email dialogue partners can be found
  • Pray that seekers visiting the site will desire to have email contact

Chaos with the Berlin S-Bahn

News about the chaos with the Berliner S-Bahn (public transportation) has gone beyond the borders of the city. Repeated cancellation of many trains because of grave safety risks is a scandal in the face of our high safety-standards! Although Berliners often complain, they are taking these continued limitations in their mobility (often even paid for in advance!) almost fatalistically in stride. Are austerity measures with calculated risks which appear to be almost criminal acceptable? Are social values being pushed in the direction of lethargy and old habits? Recently there were isolated attacks on S-Bahn attendants who can’t do anything about the situation. The management of the Deutsche Bahn subsidiary is responsible! Some drastic change is needed—in public opinion, in work ethics, and the elimination of these hindrances in local mass transit.


  • Pray for a value shift on the part of the S-Bahn in connection with correct work and high safety standards in place of profit maximisation and the need to economize
  • Pray that those who are really responsible will be held accountable and that the pressure on the the attendants will be reduced

Looking for Articles and Authors

The responsibility for this prayer mail lies primarily on the shoulders of three people: Axel Nehlsen, Kerstin Hack, and Rosemarie Stresemann. We enjoy doing this, but would welcome support through people who

  • have a city-wide perspective and have expertise in the areas of art, culture, education and media
  • like to pray
  • can write clear, short, and competent articles

Interested people can contact the editorial office.


  • Pray for support for the editorial staff through dedicated and competent co-workers

Keeping On: Arson attacks on cars

Cars are still being set on fire in Berlin nearly every night. In recent weeks, there have also been arson attacks on luxury flats. The perpetrators, who come from the leftist-autonomic spectrum, are hard to catch. There are nearly a million cars are parked on Berlin’s streets, which makes it nearly impossible to take preventative measures.


  • Pray for an end to the arson attacks on cars and that the perpetrators will be caught


  • Oct. 3, 5-8 pm Christus-Kirche, Anklamer Str.31, Berlin-Mitte, U 8 Bernauer Str. – “Thanksgiving – Celebration – Prayer 20 Years Fall of the Wall” – Intercultural day of prayer with a historical look at the fall of the wall by contemporary witnesses from East and West, as well as sharing of one’s own experiences among German and immigrants during a buffet, intercultural praise and worship, and prayer for our nation on the commemoration site of the wall.