Download as PDF: Prayer for Berlin – September 2008

Good News: Street evangelism

Directly following a 40-day fasting and prayer chain, 100 youth participating in “Summer2go” took to the streets to do evangelism in various German cities, one of which was Berlin. As a result of their prayers, God healed some people from illness such as MS, slipped disk, blindness or cataract. They shared the gospel with many people. Approximately 700 people decided to follow Jesus, some of which were Moslems. Others also doing evangelistic outreaches in Berlin experienced a great openness to the gospel.


  • Thank God for the many people who now want to follow Jesus
  • Pray that people who want to follow Jesus can get in contact with Christians
  • Pray that the young people who took part in these outreaches will also experience such things with God in their everyday lives

Good News: “Lange Tafel” (long table) well received

The Greek actress and film director Isabelle Mamatis has successfully sponsored the project called “Lange Tafel” in several Berlin districts. A long table with food and drinks is set up in the street in a neighbourhood, and young and old are invited to sit down and encounter one another. “Lange Tafel” in Kreuzberg on the Bergmannstraße and in the Graefekiez as well as in the Reuterkiez in Neukölln were a big success. Young and old got together; Germans and immigrants carried on conversations; senior citizens agreed to sponsor school children who have problems. The “lange Tafel” is a wonderful model. It offers people who would not normally ever talk with one another the opportunity to get to know one another. It would also be a great idea for churches for how to get to know the people in their neighbourhoods.


  • Thank God for this successful model
  • Pray for many more „lange Tafel“ and other places in various districts in Berlin where people can get to know each other
  • Pray that Christians will pick up on the idea use it as a way of getting to know people in their neighbourhoods

Capital city of low-income earners

A larger than average number of Berliners must get by with very little money. About a fourth of the labour force here earns less than 900€ net per month. As a result, Berlin is said to be a “poor” city. The number of those receiving long-term unemployment benefit (Harz IV) is much higher than in other large cities. A recent study concluded that in Berlin 7% of employees, that is 110,000 people, do not earn enough for their livelihood in spite of the fact that they are employed. They are dependent upon supplementary social benefits. As a comparison: in Frankfurt, that number is 2.1%, in Hamburg 3.3% of all employees. The number of temporary workers has doubled since 2003 as well as the number of so-called midi-jobbers who earn between 400 and 800 € net per month. Steady jobs are being replaced by temporary jobs and midi-jobs, and the wage level is decreasing. Women are the most affected by this. The proportion of women with low-wage jobs is much higher than among men. Work is a part of the dignity of mankind. For this reason, people should have the right to single-handedly provide for themselves through the income from their own work. The city-state of Berlin wants to better the situation of low-wage earners, but doesn’t have much room for manoeuvring.


  • Pray for more well-paid jobs
  • Pray for effective political efforts which will improve the situation
  • Pray that those affected will not despair, but rather recognize and use the opportunities that are there

30 Days of Prayer for the Moslem World

This year Ramadan, the month of fasting in Islam, falls right on the month of September. Ramadan is traditionally a time during which many Moslems search for God in a special way. It is also a special time for Christians to pray that their Moslem fellow-citizens and Moslems in other countries around the world would meet God personally and receive Christ as their Saviour. This year, among others, we will be praying especially for Afghans in Germany, Moslems in Switzerland and many Islamic ethnic groups all over the world. A brochure entitled “30 Days of Prayer for the Moslem World” with background information and specific requests has been produced by the Evangelical Alliance. Christians in Berlin will pray for the approximately 300,000 Moslems in the city (and also for those around the world) on September 7th during a special city-wide prayer service. Christians with a Moslem background will also be participating.

Prayer service for Moslems in the City Sunday, Sept. 7, 7pm, Begegnungskirche Reinickendorf, Gotthardstr. 33


  • Thank God for the initiative „30 Days of Prayer“
  • Pray that many Moslems in the city will encounter God during Ramadan and acknowledge Jesus as their Saviour
  • Pray that many Christians in Berlin and elsewhere will take the initiative to talk to Moslems

Petition for a Referendum on the compulsory elective ethics/religion – the next round

In May, as expected, the Berlin Parliament turned down the suggestion of the initiative “Pro Reli” (pro Religion classes) to implement ethics/religion classes as a compulsory elective. Starting September 15th, signatures will be collected for a petition for a referendum. If the necessary 170,000 signatures are gained for this second step, a referendum could take place in June 2009 on European Election Day.

In the meantime, opponents of the referendum, which has been successful up until now, are mobilizing. The speaker of the “Initiative Pro Ethics” described the request for religion classes to be on an equal basis with ethics classes as “looking backwards and only being interested in preserving denominational interests”. The initiative “Pro Ethics” desires to keep people from “signing something without understanding the consequences”. Walter Momper, President of the Berlin Parliament, is a prominent supporter of the Pro-Ethics-Initiative, which grew out of the “Forum for a Common Class about Values” (Forum für ein gemeinsames Wertefach).


  • Thank God that the first step in the direction of a referendum was reached
  • Pray that many will sign the petition and that this second step will be successful
  • Pray that public interest for this topic will be awakened through fair discussion with the opposing side

Intercultural Day of Prayer for our Country on October 3, 2008

Once again this year on October 3rd, there will be a special event with the motto: “People praise and pray – an intercultural time of praise and prayer”. Within the framework of the national “Intercultural Week”, Berlin musicians and Christians from different cultures will praise God together and pray for our country von 3:30pm to approximately 10pm.

At 3:30pm, 5:30pm and 7pm there will be 45-minute blocks of praise music, during which Christians from Africa, Russia, Europe, and the Middle East will lead us in praise. During each block of time, there will also be prayer for our country. Among other things, we will pray for spiritual renewal, the completion of the re-unification of Germany, the election year 2009, as well as for the circumstances of refugees in Europe. Within the framework of the Intercultural Week, October 3rd has been named “The Day of Refugees” and has as its motto: “Respect human rights – protect refugees”. This will also be a topic during the day and will be illustrated through first-hand information and reports. During the breaks between the blocks, culinary delicacies from various parts of the world will be offered. A “Jam Session” beginning at 8:30pm will close the day in which all musicians and prayer persons are invited to take part.

People praise and pray – Friday, October 3, 2008, 3:30pm- 10pm, Lukas-Gemeinde, Kurfürstenstr. 133, Berlin-Schöneberg.Please bring any German mark coins or bills you might still have! They will be collected for a humanitarian aid project in Afghanistan.


  • Tues. Sept 16, 6:30pm: City-wide prayer service for Berlin prisons, JVA Tegel, Seidelstr. 39. You must pre-register by Sept 1—Telephone 2300 3403!!
  • September 20, 12 noon, Neptunbrunnen, Berlin-Mitte (S-Bahn Alexanderplatz): „1.000 crosses for life“ – Demonstration and silent protest for the protection of unborn life sponsored by: Bundesverband Lebensrecht e.V.