Download PDF: Prayer for Berlin – July / August 2008

Good News: Baby boom in Berlin

What we have been seeing subjectively on the streets in Berlin is now official – more and more babies and pregnant women. And the statisticians think it’s a small sensation: Last year, for the first time in decades, there were more births than deaths in Berlin. The population has grown – for the third year in a row.
The Office of Statistical Data Berlin-Brandenburg reported 194 more births than deaths.
Since the war, only in the 1960’s and the 1980’s were there more births than deaths in the eastern part of the city.
In addition, the city has registered 12,000 more persons who moved to the city than those who left the city. As a result, the population of Berlin in 2007 grew for the third year in a row.
Source: Der Tagesspiegel

Demographical change

In order to stop the increase in the percentage of old people despite the growing birth rate, the Senate is preparing itself for the change in demographics. On the one hand, the city is advertising for younger people to move to the city; on the other hand it’s trying to make the city more attractive for senior citizens. New forms of solidarity and cooperation are being emphasized so that there will not be a division between young and old. An information centre has been set up to encourage models of living situations which span the generations. Reintegrating the experience and potential of older people into society, thus giving them a meaningful retirement, is a big challenge. Because many creative people live in Berlin, it is possible that new models of young and old living together could be created here. Society is changing and becoming more individualistic, with the result that an increasing number of senior citizens no longer have functioning social networks called «family» to support them.
New life and living situations are necessary so that older people do not end up on the fringe of society. This is also a challenge for churches!


  • Pray for people who are willing to try out these new living situations which span the generations
  • Pray that sustainable models can be developed which can serve as models for others
  • Pray that many ways can be found to help senior citizens keep an active status in society

Organisational problems in the schools

Although Senator Zoellner, who is in charge of schools, wanted the organisation of the next school year to be done before the summer break, problems have arisen once again. Headmasters are facing many new things, because the numbers of teachers per school are now being assigned differently. This poses a great difficulty for the weakest students – mentally or physically challenged students who are in special schools or integrated into normal classes. Children with severe disabilities need a helper who will support them, because teachers cannot offer individual help in addition to taking care of the rest of the class. Autistic children need qualified help. Such qualified teacher’s helpers cannot be drawn from the available pool of substitute teachers.
A new ruling has been put into effect that students with learning disabilities can now receive only 2 ½ hours extra per week with a teacher (formerly 7 hours). This reduction makes it impossible for such students to be integrated into normal classes.


  • Pray for a quick retraction of the cuts in hours for children with learning-disabilities
  • Pray that the Senate will find new ways to help and encourage students who are weak or have learning disabilities
  • Pray for rest and recuperation for students, teachers, and parents during summer vacation

Evangelistic outreaches during the summer in Berlin

This summer will be characterized by evangelism. Various groups and churches are organizing events and outreaches to reach people with the gospel. Many German and international teams are helping Berlin Christians carry out these events. Here is a portion of what’s going on:

Love Berlin: July 17-September 28
Vineyard Churches from England, Scandinavia, Benelux and German – speaking countries are supporting church-planting efforts in Berlin. 10 different teams are sponsoring 10 events. For 10 days, participants will have challenging, practical teaching during the mornings, which they will then put into practice on the streets of Berlin in the afternoons. Berliners are welcome to take part in the training and the outreaches.

Summer2go: July 26-27
Christians from various cities who were in-spired by spiritual impulses decided to plan and carry out a Summer2Go-Tour. Relevant information can be found on their website. In Berlin various public worship services, outreaches and evangelistic barbeques are planned.

Summer Bible School and Outreaches June 30 – July 11
Monday-Friday – 9:00-1:00 in C-Campus of the Gemeinde auf dem Weg. Af-ternoons June 30-July 11 Monday-Friday (except for June 30) evangelistic outreaches 5pm. Meeting point: Flea market on the «Mauerpark» (Flohmarkt am Mauerpark) – across from the basketball courts.
Information: Stefan Thull, and

Teams from the USA from June 23 – August 3
Additional teams from the USA will be supporting Berlin churches with various creative events.


  • Thank God for the many outreaches and for all the teams that are coming to Berlin
  • Pray for the preparation and the events
  • Pray that people will be touched by the gospel and take steps of faith

Prayer during the summer

Praise – Prayer Berlin from June 16-July 25
Daily prayer for the many outreaches will take place from June 16-July 25 from 7-10pm in the «Gebetshaus», Spenerstraße 15
Further information: Elisabeth Lutz – Tel. 0176 – 295 26 559

24-7 Prayer
On June 29 the next 24-7 prayer chain will start -this time for two weeks….
Prayer will take place in a camping van on the grounds of the flea market next to the «Mauerpark». The prayer time will begin with a worship service on June 29 at 6pm and end with an Open Air Concert on July 12 at 7pm.
Information and registration for prayer: or by Daniel M. 030 – 4519 8446


  • Thank God for these prayer events
  • Pray for good participation and interaction among different groups and churches
  • Pray for deep fellowship with one another and with God