Good News

There are an increasing number of places in Berlin in which one can pray around the clock. The newest one is in the café of the ministry to drug addicts from Teen Challenge at the Kottbusser Tor (Skalitzer Straße 134).
From April 27-May 4, there will be prayer 24 hrs/day (including throughout May 1st). You can sign up for a time of prayer at:

In the midst of May 1st

May 1st 2007»Imagine it is May 1st, and no stones have been thrown«, the BERLINER ZEITUNG wrote recently. Unlike in years past, when the press added to the tensions surrounding May 1st by heating up things, this year, the press and residents alike are hoping for and expecting a peaceful May 1st. This year, the worship service will not be on the outskirts of the Myfest, but rather right in its midst on the Heinrichplatz (Oranienstraße).
This is a sign that we Christians are welcome at the MYFEST – certainly a fruit of the years of working together with the sponsors, who have liked the practical service done by Christians, such as picking up the trash. This service is also an opportunity to reach people who otherwise would seldom come in contact with the gospel and hardly ever would come to a church service.
In addition, two projects as »Signs of Hope«, one Christian and one sponsored by the district, will be introduced during the service.


  • Worship service: pray for a quick and smooth set-up of the stage and the tech-nical equipment
  • Pray for a spiritual depth for the service, blessing and inspiration on all who are participating on stage
  • Pray that the service will have a long-lasting effect on the district

Middle East Conference in Berlin

The federal government has called together an International Conference for the Support of a development of an Independent Palestinian State the beginning of June in Berlin. The meetings are designed to help pave the way for a two-nation solution and to help prepare the Palestinians to organise their own country after peace is made with Israel. Foremost, the training of a Palestinian police force will be discussed. In addition, talks will be held about building legal and justice systems.
This Berlin Conference signals the beginning of a new diplomatic direction: The international community is called upon to set the course of how they would support a peace agreement even before it is signed.
In the last decades, numerous approaches have failed to find a lasting solution to the conflicts in the Middle East. Berlin now has the calling and the gift of bringing something new. What is developed and tried out here often has an effect on the entire world. Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung 14.3.08


  • Pray for the development of new, creative solutions for the Middle East conflict through the conference
  • Pray that the federal government will con-tinue to find ways to support Israel

Berlin as the seat of government

In 1991, when members of the Parliament voted to make Berlin the seat of the government (with a small majority of 18 votes), no one could imagine what the move of Parliament and the government to Berlin would mean to this city. Now Berlin has been the capital for 8 years. But there continues to be brisk commuter traffic between Berlin and Bonn, because seven Federal Ministries are still located in Bonn. The costs involved in this commute between Bonn and Berlin have recently led to a discussion in Parliament as to whether this dichotomy should continue to exist. In 1991, there were still reservations about the move of the seat of government because of history, because while Berlin was still the capital, terrible political decisions were made here that brought suffering to the entire world.
Now political decisions are being made here once again which are affecting Europe and beyond. For this reason, more prayer partners who want to pray for the government are necessary. The public rarely knows what it means for the members of Parliament and the government to live and work in this city. What pressures do they experience? How successful are Christians in Parliament at living out their faith?
The initiative GEBET FÜR DIE REGIERUNG (Prayer for the Government) encourages Berlin churches to have a special weekly prayer time for the government. Information can be found at:


  • Pray for more prayer partners who pray for the government, Parliament and Berlin
  • Pray for blessing and strength for the marriages and families of the Ministers and members of Parliament
  • Pray that a decision will soon be made to move the remaining Federal Ministries to Berlin

Homosexuals in Berlin

With approximately 300,000 practicing gays and lesbians, Berlin is the third largest homosexual metropolis in Europe (following London and Amsterdam). Because of the liberal climate and the hundred-year history of openly practiced and more or less accepted homosexuality, Berlin draws many gays and lesbians from rural areas where there is more discrimination. The Berlin homosexual scene has around 150 pubs, many bars, a museum, hotels, wellness oases, fitness clubs, sport clubs, publishing companies and book stores. Numerous events from Christopher Street Day to dance courses, languages courses, radio shows, and film festivals are sponsored by gays and lesbians. A multitude of organisations, meeting places and support centres, clubs and other points of contact are specialized to meet the needs of homosexuals.
In Berlin, the gay-lesbian scene is concentrated primarily in Schöneberg with the Nollendorf-District, parts of Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.
Most people in the homosexual scene have very little contact with Christians who could talk to them about issues of faith. Because of divergent ethical convictions, many Christians are unable to approach homosexuals in an unprejudiced way. Both sides are certainly reserved about each other. Even though homosexuals are often very successful, they often experience a longing for real life and a loss of orientation-often because they are confronted with death more often than other groups due to the problem of AIDS. Source: Berlin Tourist Information


  • Pray that key people from the gay and lesbian community will be reached with the gospel
  • Pray that more Christians will befriend people in the homosexual scene and show them God’s love
  • Pray for comfort, God’s presence and help for homosexuals who have AIDS

Prayer with Guests from India

Some adults and a group of girls from the missions organisation »Christian Initiative for India« are on a tour through Germany with the title »INSPIRATION – Together for Revival« and are visiting partner-churches in various cities. On Pentecost Monday, they will be taking part in an ecumenical worship service sponsored by five churches in the Märkisches Viertel in Berlin-Reinickendorf. From 2pm on, following a combined time of worship, they will be going through the Märkisches Viertel in mixed groups of Germans and Indians. Prayer partners are welcome. Prayer will take place at strategic places (for instance schools, doctor’s buildings, and the site of the former Wall) in the near surroundings and will focus on prayer for various groups of people or areas of society within the district, the city and the country.

Date: May 12. 10:00: Worship service. 2:00 Prayer.

Place: Apostel-Johannes-Gemeinde, Dannenwalder Weg 167, 13439 Berlin

Additional Dates:

  • Intercultural Worship Service on Pentecost Sunday, May 11, 10:00, Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche, Zossener Str., Kreuzberg, with an African choir, followed by concert by Nasser Kilada and Band.
  • May 11: Global Day of Prayer. Christians all over the world will pray for their nations in churches, stadiums, gymnasiums, and city squares. Information:
  • May 24: Interdenominational Worship Service in the Lukas-Gemeinde. Information:
  • May 31: Go Worship – interdenominational praise evening in the Berliner Stadtmission. Information: